Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another addition to "The Second Night's Stop"

A long time ago I began a secondary website Why Won't You Write, as a place to house my college writings--both academic and otherwise. Recently I put a few college poems on there, but the largest task was retyping my Masters thesis "The Second Night's Stop."

It's been a long time since I devoted time to the necessary typing and formatting to make this happen, but this paternity leave has given me the opportunity--in fits and starts--to complete Chapter 2.

So, I'm officially announcing that Chapter Two "The Tourist Boom Years" is now available for you to completely ignore over on WWYW?!

As a way of reminding you of the overall project, I am providing links to the summary Abstract and I'll also link to Chapter One. (Because it's MUCH more riveting if you read it all as a complete piece.)

I figure I'll get Chapter Three--where the REALLY exciting stuff happens--around 2009.

Enjoy! (??)


Anonymous said...

I will read it! In time. I read a bit of your abstract in the few minutes I have before this tourism meeting today, and I am reminded of the movie "Cars". I hope that you have watched this movie!

At a 'downtown revitalization' workshop I attended last week, the presenter said that towns have shown the movie at their board meetings to pump people up about revitalizing their Main Streets!


David said...

Yes, Lulu, I've seen the movie and (as I believe I said on this space before?) I wept bitter tears as I watched to see "my idea" make billions of dollars for millionaires.

Oh well.

And, in the interest of recommendations, I think you might like a book that I can't remember the title of, but the author was being interviewed on NPR's Fresh Air w/ Terri Gross on Tuesday, I think? Maybe Wednesday. The book is about sustainable microagriculture in the "third world." None of that is you specifically, but given your increasingly agrarian nature, I thought of you.

Just go to and search around. I'm sure you'll find it.