Tuesday, April 22, 2008

PL, day 10

I've done little besides feed Hannah, keep up with Grace, and do laundry today.

Since Grace has been home sick the last few days, Hannah and I haven't been walking.


And the weather has been nice, too.

I can see why I am not cut out to be a stay-at-home parent. There just isn't enough to do, enough to keep me occupied. Sure, when Hannah is older, she would keep me occupied, but she'd still only be a child. I wouldn't get nearly enough adult interaction. I suppose if I was truly committed to this way of life, I'd find ways to reach out with other adults. Since this is decidedly temporary, I just hole up here and fight off cabin fever.

(There aren't enough movies and websites in the world to keep the madness at bay forever.)

Well, I've got to go. Grace is just standing in one place upstairs yelling for me. (Come FIND me, why don't you?!) And Hannah is sure to wake up soon and she'll be hungry for food immediately.

(I do have another post in the works right now, but I don't have all the materials to complete it. Hopefully everything will come together soon.)


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