Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Well, it has begun . . . and well enough so far. (No one has caught on fire and I've only had a little bit of formula burped up on my shoulder.)

Yes, Hannah isn't really spitting up--projectile emissions and such. She never has. But, it was a funny moment at her noonish feeding when she made a slightly different sound then normal and I felt a slight warmish wetness on my left shoulder. I made the comment to her that it would serve me right to get her when she starts a pattern of spitting up. But, no . . . just a minor reflux.

She's swinging away in her swing--as one should in a swing--dozing. She's been bothered with what seems to be slight congestion the last few days. I don't know if its just a bit of a cold, a reaction to seasonal change, or (worst case scenario) an allergic reaction. But, she might not sleep soundly or for very long as a result. I may have to dash off the keyboard any second now . . .

. . .

. . . well, not yet anyway.

Took Lynda's mom to the airport mid morning. Pushed Hannah in the stroller for a bit, taking my time getting back to the van. She has no appreciation for airports, architecture, escalators, sculptural, or the mechanisms of transportation. Frankly, no one at the airport did. But, it was an outing and us stay-at-home dads need our outings. (Just wait, soon a trip to the post office will be a thing of beauty.)

Lynda's mom got off without problem--I think. (Except for the minor problem that Skybus went Chapter 11 mid visit and she had to purchase a return ticket on a different airline, but hey, she learned something about appreciating modern transportation, right?

(Hannah cries . . . told you . . . more later?)

It is now LATER

Hannah did not take her noonish nap, so I took her on a walk up and down the street instead. She did not appreciate this. She showed her displeasure by fussing and crying through major parts of the walk--which only took about ten minutes at most. Still, I ignored her protests and kept walking. How else will I shed my hibernation weight and fit into that swimsuit later this summer?

When we got back from our short walk, H. continued to fuss. I let her go for a bit, thinking maybe she was just cranky, but it didn't die, so I gave her an afternoon bottle. She's been showing a reluctance to finish an entire bottle the last few days. Either her congestion is making drinking and breathing simultaneously difficult (that would be problematic, right?) or . . . well, I don't know what else it could be. I can think of all manner of things--allergy, sudden dislike of Similac, general obstinacy, has decided she doesn't want more than two oz. of food during the middle of the night, she's lycanthropic--it could be anything. Being a parent of an infant tends to be a lot of guesswork, I think, no matter how many children you might have. Each of them reacts to stuff differently.

But, right now she might be drifting into a needed nap. She's been mostly awake since 10 am. And I'll be waking her up soon anyway to pile back into the van and get the girls from school. Then it's off to get their teeth cleaned and then it's directly to Sarah's soccer practice. Somewhere in there Lynda has promised to arrive and liberate Hannah from the mix and I'll take S & G to practice, then to a quick dinner. Then home, homework, baths, books, bed.

That's the plan anyway.

I'll let you know tomorrow if stuff works out as indicated.

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