Thursday, April 17, 2008

PL, day 7 (w/ afternoon UPDATE)

Sorry that I didn't post yesterday. I didn't have an errand or task planned so I went up to the office to say "hey" to friends and to allow Lynda to show Hannah off to colleagues. (I also did a bit of showing off, but I was suitably reluctant about it. I just don't like to assume that people want to stop their stimulating work and look at the fruit of my loins--so to speak.)

As a result of all these things, I did not walk yesterday. I made up for it today a bit by taking a nice long walk around the block, down to Sarah's school, then back through the middle school grounds and snuck back into the neighborhood by a side path. It is a gorgeous day and I've got the windows open now, pulling in the fresh spring air with the house fan.

My additional parenting duties kick in a bit earlier than normal today, as Sarah's school is on early release today. That means they get out at 2:30 rather than 3:30. Luckily, I get get S, G, and our neighbor's daughter to play out in the backyard on the excellent play set that I constructed last summer. I also think that I'll grill out hamburgers for dinner tonight, thereby giving the frozen roast time to slowly thaw in the refrigerator. I'll slow cook that tomorrow. (I've got a lunch date tomorrow already set up, so knowing what tomorrow's dinner is going to be will be helpful, especially since Sarah's third soccer game is tomorrow night.)

Sarah's games have been interesting. Her team has been shut out both times so far, which I think is a reflection of the coach's laid back style. He is not barking out strategies or plans during the game, and I think he generally is there to see that everyone gets to play and that they put forth some effort and exercise. I am NOT going to criticize; I just hope Sarah doesn't get dispirited.

That's it for now. If anything especially exciting happens, I'll try to let you know. (Maybe something is a laundry-related mishap? What else might possibly go wrong?)


I don't mind having kids over to play, as I have this afternoon during Sarah's Early Release from school. And I especially don't mind if they play all by themselves--especially outside on a gorgeous day. I'll even overlook some ridiculous, borderline crude language (butt, poop, whatever . . . they're only 7, 6, and 4 after all) if that is the price for me not having to referee everything . . . considering I've got an infant to take care of.

But, the sheer juvenile-ness of it wears on you after a while. They feed off of each other and wind each other up until they talk over each other in stream-of-consciousness nonsense that drives you nuts.

Case in point . . . earlier they were running around in the backyard doing I don't know what. (I was feeding Hannah.) I could here them through the open window and they were constantly shouting explanations for their imaginings. It's like three playwrights are trying to write the same play at the same time and they are arguing out loud over the stage directions--of which each of them has a different opinion and goal.

Pretend that I'm a princess and I've been in Europe, but you don't know where I've been and you can't find me and I speak my own language and no one understands me and I've got a pretty dress and I'm singing for my prince but he doesn't understand and then I come back from Europe. Pretend guys, okay?

No, I'm going to Europe and I've got my horse and I find you and then we go together and gather some flowers.

No, pretend that you can't find me and we don't know where the dragon is but we're in the castle and then it starts to rain but I don't care I still keep picking flowers and I'm singing LADEEDADEEDA and then you hear me and pretend that you come over the hill and then you see me and you're in love with me but you don't know my name and then we get married.

But GUYS I want to play the DOLL GAME!!!

(And on and on it goes.)

At least Hannah keeps her mouth shut, except for when she wants to eat.

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