Tuesday, April 29, 2008

PL, day 14 . . . AND LOST heiroglyphics at the bottom

My time on paternity leave is coming to an end, but not quite yet.

I was planning to go back to work this Thursday, since my corporate-allowed 15 days would be up, but Lynda reminded me that if Hannah goes to daycare, even on a Thursday, we'd have to pay for the whole week. Since that is foolish and especially since I've got vacation days to use up from last year, I checked with my managers and they've granted me the rest of this week off.

So, Hannah won't be starting daycare until Monday. She'll be three months old and change. And while that is still undeniably young, I can't help but point out that Sarah and Grace started daycare when they were six weeks old . . SIX WEEKS! They were so tiny, it was ridiculous. And look how nicely they've turned out.


This morning when I woke up there was snow on the ground. It's the END of MARCH! STOP SNOWING! But time must march on. I've gotten into such a groove here at home with no stress (except for making sure I'm prepared to feed Hannah with minimal crying--her crying not my crying), I wonder how I'll make that transition back to the job next week. I know (cause I can read the emails) that my project has been handled with smooth skill thanks to the incomparable Dr. Actually. But, when I'm back the reins fall back into my hands and the schedule still must be met. The project hasn't gotten more difficult since I've been away, but I will have to spend a bit of time reacquainting myself with all the information and stuff again, so I can answer questions. But, it'll get done. I probably just need to spend a bit of time this weekend reviewing and sorting my emails.

And its probably a good thing to step back into work. For all of my blogging, I don't think I've written much of substance during this time (kind of like tonight's effort). I'm marking time, but not really hitting anything with profundity. And, really, without profundity, why would anyone bother to come back? So, I hope I can come back with less frequent posts, but something meatier with each entry.

Besides, the combination of maternity and paternity leave has coincided with a great deal of home improvement commitments. We both need to get back to work to avoid spending away our future. (I'm only kidding, but it is true that we've set in motion more repair/improvement work during the last few months than any other time since we've lived in our current house.) All of it is useful/necessary/deserving work, and we work to improve our quality of life, but it is a bit out of character for us. I'm not complaining though . . . the newly walled (??) and painted den is a great improvement; the upcoming patio will be a long awaited fix; and the replaced soffet board was absolutely necessary.

But once you commit, it's easy to keep on going. We intend somewhere down the line (a few years away, I reckon) to fix up the basement into a more livable space, but that will have to wait for a.) payments on this years efforts to make a dent and b.) for the girls to grow up a bit more and actually WANT to inhabit down there. Right now the basement is a dumping ground for toys. Soon enough they'll want to hang out down there with their friends and avoid the embarrassing parental presence. At least, I THINK that's what will happen. Maybe L. and I will turn it into our awesome parental pad of relaxation. Who knows?

Well, enough of this mandatory rambling. Off to bed and a book, then sleep until tomorrow.


Oh, I almost forgot--in my LOST post from last week, I promised to give any information about the rune-covered door that Ben used when summoning Smokey.

Well, here's what I've found so far.


Anonymous said...

Dude, it's the end of APRIL, not March.

Sven Golly said...

Don't sell yourself short. It's in the mundane everyday details that the deeper narrative lies. Details like what month it is, and your minimal crying. It's okay, you can say it openly.

David said...


My brain is mush. I don't know what's going on.

Is it June yet?

Proof positive that I'm not ready to reenter the world of cubicles and daily schedules and deadlines.

Anonymous said...

I didn't even catch the March thing, and I AM in the world of work. This is bad news for Hometown.