Tuesday, April 15, 2008

PL, day 5

A quick hit while Hannah is playing on her floor mat.

Got Grace registered for Kindergarten this morning. I shrewdly combined the morning walk with the need to visit the school and . . . walked to the school. Hannah was only fussy in the office about halfway through and during both legs of the walk she was drowsing. So, I have been very successful in my daily walks. (Unfortunately, I was not successful in only eating a few cookies after lunch. I guess the lack of interest in rewatching Spiderman 3 didn't help, but that is just an excuse.)

I also decided to utilize (again) my neighbor's bread machine that we have on loan. Currently, I've got a wheat bread working. Should be baked right around the time I'll be working on dinner. So far I've made a so so banana bread and created pizza dough with the machine. Hopefully I won't dislike a basic wheat bread loaf.

So, it's been a pretty uneventful day so far. Tomorrow I don't have any specific plans nailed down until our weekly bible study in the evening.

I might cut the grass tonight, after Lynda gets back from the office. It would be nice to neaten things up a bit.

Maybe more later if something exciting/noteworthy occurs.

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