Friday, April 18, 2008

PL, day 8

Have I told you recently that I'm a lucky man?

Let's break it down, shall we?

I've got a fabulous wife and super great kids.

I've got a good job that allows us to pay the bills and live more than comfortably.

I've got numerous friends, rock steady family, and a community around me that cares about what's going on.

So, really . . . nothing bad is happening.

ESPECIALLY my timing on starting paternity leave.

Have you looked outside? It's gorgeous out there. (And I should know since I've been out there in it just about every day. The walks with Hannah have been great. I even gave the grass a slight trim last night to neaten things up. We still need to get the old deck removed and get down to putting a patio in, but things are moving along very well in various aspects of home improvement.

Last night I grilled out the hamburgers and we ate outside on the deck, enjoying sliced apples, hamburgers, carrots and nice breezes

All of that is true, but then there is this. (It's terrible what we do to our children when they are defenseless.) You see, because of the breezes, Lynda chose to clothe Hannah thusly to keep her warm. I cringed in manly embarrassment, but oh well, I'm surrounded by girls, you know?

That is all.


lulu said...

You do have a fab life. Hannah's little outfit is adorable and looks very comfortable.

I guess I'm going to have to censor the first paragraph of all of my blogs now, seeing as how there's a preview on your very family-friendly site. So far, so good!

David said...

wwyg?! has a strict no censoring policy!

that feature will no longer be activated, so smut it up, ya'll!!