Friday, April 11, 2008

PL, day 3

I'm currently enjoying the sound of a spring shower through the open window--or at least I would be enjoying that if there wasn't a police cruiser going through a nearby street wailing his siren on and off. Oh, and the persistent buzzing jangle of chainsaws. It seems that one of my neighbors is getting dead tree limbs removed by professionals. They've been at it all morning.

But, I'm in shorts, enjoying fresh air in an airy house. Hannah is dozing in her swing after a lunchtime 4 ounces. The dishwasher is empty; the laundry is almost up-to-date, and I had a good walk this morning.

You may recall that I pledged to blog more and walk every day during my paternity leave. So far I've done pretty well. I can't say that my blog posts have been scintillating descriptions of excitement, but at least I've churned out something every day. (I've just got to either find more interesting things to do or use better adjectives.) My walking has been a bit less steady--though only a bit less. I walked on day 1 and Hannah cried most of the way. I never found the opportunity to walk on day 2 since grocery shopping and early afternoon napping took precedence. Today, we hit the sidewalks around 10 am while the sun was still out. H. obliged by sleeping the entire time--a first!--and I took advantage. Normally I only push her patience up to the edge of our neighborhood and back down again--about 12 to 15 minutes round trip. But today I ventured outside the street boundaries, down the block, and around a back street entrance. I managed to listen to almost all of NPR's "Fresh Air" podcast during the trip, so it took about 40 minutes. I was very pleased to get out and get some vigorous effort and air completed.

This evening Sarah has her first official soccer game. (I'll be sure to provide a picture of her in her awesome jersey.) But I'd better take a picture before the game, because if they do play, it'll be on a muddy field. I wonder if they are going to call it off, but I can't assume anything. If they do play, I hope the field isn't a total disaster, because that might slow Sarah's enthusiasm down a bit. (I don't think she's a big fan of being muddy.) But, we'll see.

As always, tune in later to see what happens next. Sorry, no new dreams today since Hannah slept straight on from midnight to 6:30. (That was an unexpected gift!) Also sorry that I messed with my blog HTML last night, adjusting the look of a few sidebar designs and text colors. As a result, my label cloud isn't functioning properly. I'll carve out time this weekend to search for what I did wrong and hopefully by Monday all will be right again.

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