Thursday, April 10, 2008

PL, day 2

Last night was hectic, but successful.

I got the girls to their dentist appointment a few minutes late. We had to drive from the daycare back across town, through the beginnings of early rush hour Westerville traffic--which isn't much except for around our building/interstate exchange--and to the dentist, which (logically?) is tucked away inside the Sears hardware section of the mall. (We had to shift family dentistry thanks to new HMO regulations.)

But got there I did, with all three girls. Then things ground to a quick halt. The first thing I had to do was rapidly fill out paperwork while Hannah voiced her displeasure. Grace did a good job of trying to entertain H. while I quickly scribbled. But the other patrons had to put up with some squalling. It took a while for Sarah to get called and even longer for Grace. Lynda showed up about halfway through to help out, but it was still about 1.5 hours before Sarah was finished, changed into soccer clothes and the two of us were off to her practice.

It was a pretty, if chilly night. Sarah did a great job at this practice. She was much more engaged than I've seen her in the previous practices, going after the ball and even kicking it into the "goal." I wonder how she'll do at the first official game tomorrow night (if the weather doesn't postpone it).

By the time practice was up, quick dinner was eaten, and we were home again, it was time for a shower, homework, then twenty minutes of reading and coloring for both Grace and Sarah. Lynda--a bit due to circumstances and a bit due to urging on my (and her mother's) part--didn't do any work last night.

I was up with Hannah a few times during the early morning hours. You can read about the oddities of that here.

This morning was uneventful. Hannah has been very good so far. We made it to the grocery store and back this morning without too much drama. She cried a bit, but slept through a lot of the trip. Since I've been home, she's been sleeping, which allowed me to put the groceries away and eat my own lunch.

In non-child news, today is the opening day of the Master's golf tournament in Augusta, Georgia. I've been to the Augusta course once. While in college, my infamous roommate G acquired "press" badges from his Augusta-living father. So, we were able to walk the course early Saturday morning before the weekend tee-offs began. It is a very pretty course and I would like to go back sometime when I can actually watch the players competing. But just being there was pretty fun. The fact that we had CBS press badges could/should have led to some interesting shenanigans, if we had pressed our luck. I guess it would have allowed us access to some media places . . . at least until someone got wise and came after us. But we were good boys and didn't tempt the fates. (G's dad was volunteering with CBS during that week, as some native Augustinians (?) do.

Well, that's it for now. Hannah will be waking up for her lunch soon and then it'll be closing in on time to pick other kids up from school.

(Ain't my life interesting?)

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