Saturday, November 24, 2018

Football Counter-Programming 2018: Week 13

Did you notice that I haven’t posted a Football Counter-Programming piece the last two weeks previous? It’s OK if you didn’t.

And I don’t have a lot to say today anyway. I know there’s very little chance of me convincing anyone to not be watching a big-time rivalry game on the Saturday after Thanksgiving when you’re busy digesting a big meal, putting up decorations, or just hanging out on the weekend.

So all I’ll say is this--the biggest news out of today’s football game is that neither Ohio State nor Michigan is wearing weird, nontraditional promotional uniforms.

Saturday, November 03, 2018

Football Counter-Programming 2018: Week 10

I'm up very early to help the Westerville North Marching Band one last time this season. It's one final competition that might be over by 7:30 pm or--if they get good enough scores and get to compete in the finals--done by 12:30 am tomorrow.


But since I'll be away from everything all day long, here is a video taken with my GoPro camera on the top of one of the trombone player's head from Friday evening's final practice session.

Until next week, please remember that the band members are athletes too.