I am using the formspring.me page to serve as my Frequently Asked Questions module for Why Won't You Grow?!

You can use the box below to ask me a question. I will periodically check the page periodically and answer the questions submitted.

Ideally, I may find a way to get my answers to automatically post in this FAQ page environment that I've created here on WWYG?! but since I'm melding two different sites into one space, it probably won't be that elegant. But use this space to submit your questions and I'll answer them. When I do answer them, the answers will land on the main WWYG?! page. I'll categorize them with an FAQ tag so you can easily search for them in that space.

And I'll place a link here so that you can look at the collected posts with an FAQ tag.

A few  things to note about how I answer the questions.

I promise to answer them truthfully. Please know that I have the right to not answer a question if it is inappropriate or none of your beeswax. But I doubt that sort of thing will come up. I hope it will be a chance for people to try to figure out how I think a bit more clearly. And I hope the mental exercise will make me think more clearly and figure out things about myself as well.

I may make it a habit to "sleep" on a question for a day or so and consider my answer. (I want you to know that I am taking it seriously.) So, you might not get your answer right away. But I hope you will be happy with the results.

My first few questions are a bit more jokey and so are the answers. Don't let those early submissions (some randomly generated by the site itself) deter you.

Please . . . participate. Ask me anything!