TV Preview Posts

 Everything else has changed over time, but I've tried to keep the Fall TV Preview posts mostly consistent, even as I've added seasons, the rise of the Internet, and relied more and more on guest bloggers who are more popular than me.

Here is a handy index to all the posts from the past.

2004 (the first one)

2005 (the haiku year)

2006 (the year The CW was created)

2007 (the year I really did research)

2008 (the year I didn't do The CW last)

2009 (the year I & the networks started recycling old ideas)

2010 (the year it almost didn't happen)

2011 (the year I tried something different)

2012 (the year I tried to give a crap again)

2013 (the year when Dean's posts are more popular than mine)

2014 (featuring more guest bloggers)

2015 (the year I didn't bother to write an NBC preview)

2016 (the year I used a traffic light theme)

2017 (the year where I went simple to get it done more quickly)

2018 (who even needs a theme anymore?)

2019 (in which I am once again alone)

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