Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall TV Preview--WEDNESDAY

 The middle day of the television week is a study in two philosophies. CBS, Fox, and The CW are focused on dramas and hour-long programming while  NBC and ABC are placing an emphasis on comedies with some drama in the later hours. ABC is bringing back a lot of its comedies from last season while NBC has lots of new offerings. The CW tries to recapture some Smallville magic and CBS isn't breaking what (apparently?) doesn't need fixing.

I'll start by coldly and decisively dismissing Animal Practice (9/26 @ 8 on NBC) as the show I'll love to hate and will never, ever watch, even if you put a gun to my head. Even though it has Tyler Labine (who I enjoyed on Reaper), the show prominently features animals--and NOT just because it's set in an animal hospital. I can't stand animal actors--ever since . . . well, ever. And this shows has the potential to be aggressively bad. It's like if they took the worst concepts of J.D. fantasy imaginings on Scrubs and tried to make a whole show around it.

Awful . . . okay?

I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Guys with Kids (9/12 @ 8:30 on NBC) was produced by Judd Apatow's company and originated as a discarded storyline for one of his recent movies. It just has that sort of feel to it. But I'm not enough of an Apatow fan to watch.

I'll hit CBS's entire Wednesday lineup--Survivor: Philippines (9/19 @ 8), Criminal Minds (9/26 @ 9), and CSI (9/26 @ 10) in four words: Been. There. Done. That.

Fox's Wednesday offering is focused solely and completely on The X Factor (9/12 @ 8 . . . until 10). I guess Simon Cowell is hoping that the addition of Britney Spears and Demi Lovato will keep this show interesting. And considering how reliable those two singers/stars have been . . . well, um . . . I guess Americans just won't stop loving reality singing competitions, will they?

The new ideas at ABC are The Neighbors (9/26 @ 9:30, shifting to 8:30 thereafter). Aliens living incognito in Suburbia. Is this a rejected Men in Black IV script? I'll pass. But you may want to flip back to ABC for Nashville (10/10 @ 10), which stars Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere as waning and waxing country music stars relying up and competing with each other. It is likely to be a.) well acted, b.) provide popular musical drama (a la Glee but aimed at Mom & Dad), and c.) be successful.I recommend it, even if I probably won't watch it.

The CW, however, knows what may interest me--because it took note of the fact that I was one of only twelve people in the continental United States that actually watched every episode of the ten seasons of Smallville. And so, The CW is very much hoping that I am stupid enough to hitch my wagon to Arrow (10/10 @ 8) even though the titular character (superhero Green Arrow aka Oliver Queen) isn't being played by Smallville's Justin Hartley. And, yeah, I'll probably join in and watch. Maybe it won't be any good. But if I don't give it a try, no one will know if it is good at all.

So . . . here is my dilemma tonight. Do I award the New Show Most Likely to Succeed on Wednesday Night to Arrow or to Nashville? One is more in my television wheelhouse of crap and the other is much more likely to be worth of success. Do I go with my gut or my brains?

Drama aplenty,
whether in song or in tights.
Too close to call . . . y'all. 

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Anonymous said...

If it is any consolation I also watched every single episode of Smallville and will probably check out Arrow too. Also, Supernatural is being moved to wed night and it is one of my never miss shows. You would probably like the earlier seasons of it though it has gotten off track recent seasons I continue watching hoping it returns to its old glory.
Edie :)