Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

No, not to me and my wife. That was last month.

Today is the anniversary of the first WWYG?! post, many years ago.

I know I haven't been writing on the site much in the last many month, and for that (as usual) I apologize. I do think about the site weekly and try to come up with ideas and motivations to craft something that might be interesting to read. But, sadly, I haven't been doing much.

But perhaps I can get remotivated by this turn to a new WWYG?! year. I am always looking to you, my loyal readers and friends for ideas, so feel free to toss me a comment below about how YOU think I should keep WWYG?! updated more frequently. Am I not writing about something that you think I am suited for? (Because I often need some outside perspective to see things in a different light.)

And while you're commenting, why not nominate a favorite post from the past that you liked. If nothing else, maybe I can call up a few items from the archives and toss those out again. (Hey, if Hollywood can repurpose old things into new money-makers, I can do something similar for no charge, right?)