Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where I've been

You know . . . I haven't been writing new long-form stuff here on WWYG for about a week-and-a-half or (gulp!) . . . more? But, it's not like I haven't been throwing stuff out there. You just might not be plugged into the other digital spaces that I have been using.

You already know what they are, right?

I've kept up a steady conversation with myself on Twitter . . . and if you've been coming here to WWYG trying and hoping to see something new, you might be disappointed with the main space here on the left side of the page. But the Twitter feed on the right side is always showing the latest bits. I realize that many people have an irrational dislike of Twitter . . . and I will not provide enough content to drive you to join up, I'm sure. But if you need a reason to try and decipher what I'm up to, think of it as a series of zen koans. Maybe if you stare at them long enough, the disembodied statements will make sense and you will hear the sound of one hand typing?

Anyway, there's that. But I'm also on Facebook. (Truthfully, mostly my contributions on Facebook are as another repository of my tweets--they start out in one place and end up in the other.) But I sometimes comment on other people's stuff as well. You can rest assured that whatever I'm saying, its worthy of your notice and is bound to be hilarious in some form or fashion.

loooong sigh

Remember when I had this thing called a blog and I spent time writing on it?

And very occasionally I had something interesting to say?

Where did all THAT go, I wonder?

And why is it so easy to simply walk away and not do it?

And have you noticed that the longer you put something off, assuring yourself that you're just building up lots of material to go back and talk about, you only find that you had lots of crap sitting around that you only half remember and don't want to go back and think about?

Well, kids are crying.

Gotta go.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Over the weekend I bought a new bike lock to replace the old, college-era U-bolt lock that was all the rage back then . . . until it was found that they could be popped open with nothing more exciting than a Bic ballpoint pen. But, I've kept using it in the random times when I went bike riding on weekend errands or the like. Nothing bad has ever happened.

Still, I was out getting my haircut Friday night and decided to get a better lock. A smaller one too. And when I did, I had to get rid of the old bracket that held the lock on the frame. When I removed it, I saw the discolored bit of frame that has been hidden away since I first bought the bike back in 1991.

Imagine what that bit of bike frame has missed in the past eighteen years?! In fact, during that time, I've almost doubled in age. When that bike was bought, I actually bought it with Lynda's credit card--since I didn't have one at the time as a college sophomore. Since that lock was placed, I've gotten a lot more gray hair, a few more pounds, and significantly more kids. I've discovered how much I like podcasts (but now face the fact that--until my defunct laptop is fixed--I may fall very far behind in them).

Thursday, September 10, 2009

So, what will I be watching?

Well, I've finally written the Fall TV lineups for the major networks. You can read them in the series of posts below. I doubt you'll find it very illuminating, but I'll give you one last bit.

I'll tell you which shows I will be setting my VCR to record while I'm helping get the kids in bed. I'll tell you which shows I will rearrange things around so that I don't miss. I'll tell you which shows I'll be angry to miss if I get (rare) phone calls.

Monday: It really boils down to How I Met Your Mother. I used to squeeze in Heroes here, but no longer. I should try to fit in Big Bang Theory.

Tuesday: Nothing? Really? Let me check again . . . Wow! That's about right. I guess when Scrubs and Better Off Ted appear as midseason replacements on ABC, I'll watch that. But otherwise, perhaps I should schedule late night tennis games or learn a foreign language or try to read the Iliad in Greek or something.

I'm open to suggestions from the audience.

Wednesday: Glee looks pretty strong on FOX at 9 pm. I watched it on Wednesday for the first time (only 2nd episode) and like it a lot. And that may be all.

Thursday: I'll definitely be recording ABC's FlashForward at 8 pm, then watching Fringe at 9 pm on FOX. (Sorry, yet again The Office.) Somewhere I'll need to find a way to squeeze in 30Rock, but that dilemma won't occur until October.

Friday: Against my better judgment, I'm watching Smallville at 8 pm and then I'll greatly enjoy Dollhouse at 9 pm. Ohhhh, but wait! Friday nights are kids movie nights? Can we get their movie's done in time for me to watch Dollhouse live? Or will I have to tape Smallville and Dollhouse and watch them both when the kids are up in bed? (Yeah, probably that.)

And so, mostly that is it. Of course, when LOST returns for its final season in January, all will be altered to meet that need. But that is yet to come.


If you need more help deciphering when you want to watch new shows in the next several weeks, this handy calendar shows all the new premieres. And if you want to see how (actually) talented and creative people discuss Fall TV on quality blogs, then don't miss this link.

CBS Fall TV 2009 Preview post

Tonight is the last of the major networks. But can I write this while I am watching Glee on FOX? (That's right, health care, you can suck it tonight!) How can I properly process and type about the different sitcoms and dramas on the Tiffany Network while trying to block out the jazz hands?


The network kicks off with How I Met Your Mother [premieres 9/21 @ 8 pm], season 4. (Or is it 5? I really should know . . . Damn the jazz hands!) Well, anyway, last season everyone thought that Ted was going to marry Sarah Chalke's semi-recurring character but it didn't turn out that way. So the quest for the mom and the yellow umbrella is still going. I think the most controversial move last season (other than much absence from a then-pregnant Allison Hannigan) was the attempt to de-awesome Barney. Yeah, much like they neutered the Borg on Star Trek, they tried to give Barney dimension last season. I am against this, as I think Barney is excellent as he is. He can lust after Robin, but making him pine after her is a waste of his character's special qualities that make him distinctive. [end rant]

Accidentally on Purpose [premieres 9/21 @ 8:30] markes Jenna Elfman's triumphant return to TV and this time she is a go getter who accidentally gets pregnant from a one-night stand. If you're thinking Knocked Up, then maybe you've got a career in television programming!

Two-and-a-Half Men is back on again and it premieres probably on 9/21 @ 9 pm, but I'm not going to look it up because people will watch it no matter what I say. So, there you go. I have no power and I can't do anything to derail the lackluster viewing choices of the American public. Why don't we all bring back Cavemen and each ultra mega cheeseburgers until we die from heart attacks?

The Big Bang Theory [premieres 9/21 @ 9:30] is a show that slowly has grown to impress me in its premise and quality of writing. True, I don't watch it much, but I always feel bad about not watching it afterwards. So, if you don't want to second guess your choices on Monday nights--and you want something to watch besides football, you could be doing a lot worse than this. And I think I just demonstrated the idea of "damning with faint praise."

CSI: Miami [premieres 9/21 @ 10 pm]. The way I see it is . . . you either like CSI: and its geographical spinoffs or you are not. I'm not going to spend my time trying to tell you how to be. I'm just going to link to this video . . . because it is hilarious!


I'll admit that I don't watch many shows on CBS outside of HIMYM and (when I don't want to feel ever present gnawing guilt) The Big Bang Theory. So, you won't be surprised that I don't watch NCIS [premieres 9/22 @ 8 pm] or it's new spin off NCIS: Los Angeles [premieres 9/22 @ 9 pm]> I have grown to stop watching acronym'd shows on the Tiffany Network, such as CSI:. So, why would I start watching NCIS or NCIS: LA? Now, if someone would make a show called AXRG: RI (which stands for America Crosses Red Grange: Rhode Island), I'd watch that show!

Or maybe I'll think about watching The Good Wife [premieres 9/22 @ 10 pm]. I remember watching Julianna Marguilles back when she was one of the stars of the original ER show so many years ago. Now she is a attorney who left the working world to be a stay at home mom. Forced back into the workaday world by a criminal husband she competes against younger talent, etc, etc.


The New Adventures of Old Christine [premieres 9/23 @ 8 pm] has worked out being the surprise comeback vehicle for Julia-Louis Dreyfuss. She is the only Seinfeld alum to find gainful employment (and I happen to like the microwave food commercials she is doing). So, good for her!

Gary Unmarried, [premieres 9/23 @ 8:30] Criminal Minds, [premieres 9/23 @ 9 pm] and CSI: NY [9/23 @ 10 pm] might be fine shows (though I have my doubts with the first one), but--in a refrain that I've typed a lot lately--I don't watch them. Still, Criminal Minds does feature Thomas Gibson, who used to be on Dharma & Greg with Jenna Elfman--who is back on TV (see above). Too bad they aren't competing against each other on the same night.


Survivor: Samoa [premieres 9/17 @ 8 pm], CSI: [premieres 9/24 @ 9 pm], and The Mentalist [premieres 9/24 @ 10 pm] are still going on. Can you believe that Survivor has entered it's 19th season? And CSI is entering into it's 9th or 10th season I think. The Mentalist is in its 2nd or 3rd season. As I think I've said in the past, I watched half of Survivor's 1st season and its 2nd season. But somewhat like CSI: I just lost interest. (Kind of like you are losing interest in this post and it drags on and I am not providing any captivating content to keep you around. I blame the Beatles Anthology documentary that I am watching more avidly than I am typing. So . . . I'll stop this writing for tonight and pick it up again when I feel like trying to pay attention.)

[much later . . . as in the next night kind of later . . .]

Okay, where was I? Right . . . CBS . . . Thursday night. Done.

Does anyone watch Ghost Whisperer [premieres 9/25 @ 8 pm]? I've never even tried to give it a shot and I'm not opposed to these sorts of premises, am I? Honestly, the only time I read about the show it's usually some boorish dude making a crack about Jennifer Love Hewitt's breasts. Yeah.

And then there is Medium [premieres 9/25 @ 9 pm] following this show. First, NBC dumped it--and if NBC dumped it (when they can't seem to find any good programming) then you wonder what is good about it. But the production company that made it is owned by CBS, so there is a reason. Still, creating a Friday Night Boo Block of Ghost Whisperer/Medium is kinda weird, no? Why not go all out, bring in The Mentalist at the 1o pm slot and try to see if every show each week can revolve around Harry Houdini seances or something.

Instead, you get complete tonal whiplash when Numbers [premieres 9/25 @ 10 pm] comes along instead. This show is still about a cop/FBI agent who uses his kid brother's numerical genius to fight crime. And I still don't care.

8 pm--repeats. Of what? Who knows . . . and probably no one cares as Saturday is--as ABC knows--all about football.

9 pm--see above.

10 pm--48 Hours Mysteries. Is this a news show? Is it an updated version of In Search Of? Is it some sort of Dateline hybrid with America's Most Wanted? WHAT IS THIS SHOW ABOUT?!!

If you don't know that the only truly relevant thing on CBS on Sunday nights is 60 minutes, then I don't know what to tell you. And if you further don't realize that the only REALLY relevant portion of 60 Minutes is Andy Rooney's rant at the end . . . well then, just turn in your TV to the nearest Goodwill center and bone up on your reading, okay?

Still, I have friends that like The Amazing Race [premieres 9/27 @ 8 pm], so I am letting them know that here. And there is a new show called Three Rivers [premieres 10/4 @ 9 pm] that is about transplant doctors who struggle with the unfair hospital life and yada, yada. I've said it before and I'll say it again . . . why the constant hospital dramas? Is the only type of doctor not profiled in these things podiatrists? And if not, why not?

And lastly, Cold Case [premieres 9/27 @ 10 pm].

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

FOX Fall 2009 TV Preview Post

Fred AstaireFred Astaire via last.fm

Tonight we'll take at look at the FOX network's offerings of new shows starting this month. Why FOX? Well, I only had one direct response on Twitter for guidance and while Hapless23 is a loyal participant in my Twitter lifestyle, his plea for CBS could not sway me from the fact that I am starting this post at 10:30, I'm already too late getting started, FOX favors hour-long dramas, and FOX original programming ends at 10 pm. Less things to write about tonight means I go to bed at a decent hour.

For no significant reason, I'll provide a link to my review of the FOX Fall lineup in 2007. It seems that they had more new shows than the other networks that year. I have yet to determine if they are similarly more stacked this year.

Here we go . . .

House [premieres 9/21 @ 8 pm, 2 hr. premiere] begins its sixth season this year. I've never watched House much, but it is always on reruns it seems and when I have watched, it is engaging. It is sort of like a Hospital: CSI. The characters are interesting and fun and Hugh Laurie always does a good job. It's too far down the pipe for me to start watching now, but I think I'm telling everyone else to join in with gusto.

Lie to Me [premieres 9/28 @ 8 pm] is entering its second season. I think the show is about a psychologist or something like that . . . someone who specializes in detecting falsehoods in various fields. So, maybe the show is sort of like The Closer?

So You Think You Can Dance [premiered 9/9 @ 8 pm] is already off and running with a new season of clodhopping challenges. I KNOW that I can't dance (and I've destroyed all video to prove it) and I feel no need to be subjected to the excellent skills of others how train, tone, and tap their bodies to success.

So You Think You Can Dance . . . is on again? What, two hours on Tuesday isn't enough for you? You want another hour the following night? Well, that doesn't change the fact that my dancing skills haven't improved since yesterday, nor do I think they will be any better tomorrow. So don't waste my time with yet another hour of So You Think You Can Dance on Thursday, okay?And, yeah, if I sound bitter . . . maybe I am. Maybe I've always dreamed of having the fleet-footed grace of Fred Astaire but am cursed to lurch around to music like an arthritic giraffe in the midst of an epileptic fit. Maybe my go-to dance move is a weird pogo-like motion that might damage my calf and possibly injure the feet of anyone foolish to dance in my vicinity. Maybe I just DON'T need to be CONFRONTED with all this DANCE anymore, OKAY?!!

(deep breath . . .)

Now, one of FOX's new shows this year is Glee [premieres 9/9 @ 9 pm]. I'm afraid that it has a fair bit of dancing in the promos and commercials I've seen and I'm quite sure (to my horror) that there may be lots and lots of jazz hands . . . but the premise of kids who are totally and completely committed to their choral group at school and the likelihood of snarky competition between rival glee clubs makes me think this show is something of a cross between Freaks and Geeks and Bring It On. If Fox was super smart, they managed to work Beatles music into the episode to help get some buzz from the release of The Beatles Rock Band game also. Still, see through my ramblings and realize that Glee might be a good show with engaging performances and interesting plots and songs. Give it a chance.

Bones [premieres 9/17 @ 8 pm] begins its fifth season next week. The show continues to couple the FBI agent played by David Boreanaz and the forensic scientist played by Emily Deschanel. I know that some people are suffering for (Maggie) Deschanel fatigue . . . though I am not one of them. So, if you think you are, stay away from this show. But if you like buddy comedies tied together with another dash of procedural mystery a' la CSI: then maybe you'll like this show.

Fringe [premieres 9/17 @ 9 pm] had an overall good year for its initial season, I thought. It is back for its sophomore effort and I am excited to see the show return. I admit that it was slow out of the gate last year, but you can't be surprised that I didn't give a J.J. Abrams a nice, big, fat chance to impress did you? I watched each episode last year with enjoyment and I think the trio of Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, and John Noble did a good job of working into their roles last year. I admit that I should do some homework getting my mind set to jump back into the continuing story from last year. But I urge you to poke around on the Web site I linked to and learn something about the show. Then give season 2 a try.

Brothers [premieres 9/25 @ 8 pm] is a show centered around a football star going home again and adjusting to the expectations and misunderstandings that ensues. It is notable for the presence of Michael Strahan as (I think) the main character. Strahan was an actual football player with no training as an actor. To think he is now being asked to headline a show--even if it is one on Friday night--is slightly remarkable. But more importantly, this show features Carl Weathers. This guarantees a few ironic viewings from Arrested Development fans.

Dollhouse [premieres 9/25 @ 9 pm] is another show that I pretty much demand you give a chance this year. All I should have to say to back up this demand is the name of Joss Whedon, but beyond that, the show grew into a really interesting program last year. It followed a group of "dolls" who have no personality. They are programmed by clients to serve whatever purpose can be imagined--the obvious sexual angles, to highly trained professionals such as investigators and other things. But there is a parallel story with an FBI agent trying to prove the existence of the Dollhouse. I read that if you watched the Season 1 DVDs, there was an additional (unaired) episode that possibly rewrote where season 1 ended and where season 2 begins. I haven't seen it yet and may not before the next season begins. But I can read up on it.

This is all stuff you've either been watching for years--COPS, America's Most Wanted, or its stuff you never cared about.

Again, most of this stuff you're quite familiar with--The Simpsons is a known quantity. American Dad is a pale reflection of whatever might be good in Family Guy which is itself a travesty of the good in The Simpsons. What is "new" is The Cleveland Show [premieres 9/27 @ 8:30]. I think you will like this show if you liked Maude, AfterM*A*S*H, and Fish. If you didn't like those shows, if you don't know what I'm talking about, or if you think this new show is about Ohio . . . well, just turn the TV off and read on book on Sunday night, okay?

So, I suggest you pay attention to Fringe and Dollhouse on FOX this year. You'll be glad you did . . . or I'll give you your money back!
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Monday, September 07, 2009

NBC Fall TV 2009 Preview Post

A modified 3rd generation Trans Am used as KITTImage via Wikipedia

Today I'll probably only have time for one network. And what better network to spend time on today than NBC? (Well, based on Nielsen ratings . . . just about any network besides The CW is a better network than NBC, but I'm not being objective by saying that am I?)

Back in 2006 I wrote about NBC's new lineup of shows and I highlighted the hopes they had placed on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. That show didn't work out as they expected, but neither did their reboot of Knight Rider last year. So, in honor of the epic FAIL that was last year's Knight Rider mess, I'll present the 2009 lineup as if I was the robotic brain of KITT.

It seems illogical that you would abandon Heroes [premieres season 4 9/21 @ 8 pm] David. It features super powers, comic books, and things you profess to enjoy, does it not? However, one must consider how badly the show has "jumped the shark" in the last year and a half. The display of emotion on your face indicates that I am right in evaluating your disappointment with the program. Or perhaps I am misinterpreting anger for the excitement you expressed yesterday when you learned that Chuck will replace Heroes in this same time slot later in spring of this television season?

Trauma [premieres 9/28 @ 9 pm] seems to be to match many other shows. By running a detailed statistical analysis of the characters and plot contrivances, I find that this show focused on EMTs and (by necessity) hospitals might attract the same people who watched E.R. for many years. My review of the Internet also shows that a program entitled Day One will replace Trauma at some point, but the NBC network is unable to provide a functional Web site that gives information on the premise. I find this illogical.

Speaking of illogical, David, I also see that NBC will be filling it's 10 pm time slot with a show entitled The Jay Leno Show. My review of entertainment news from the past several months indicates that this Jay Leno retired from public work. Why then is NBC paying him to return? I find human actions sometimes very difficult to understand.

Again, from reviewing your face, I am registering an emotion that could be evaluated as happiness? But you are no fan of Jay Leno, since I have an extensive database of your late night viewing habits for over twenty years and it has almost no evidence of any preference for Mr. Leno. Could your happiness be a realization that because NBC is placing this Jay Leno program each weeknight at 10 pm, you have less to write?

NBC has chosen to dedicate an entire two-hour block of their Tuesday night schedule to a show called The Biggest Loser. I find humans to be too ready to insult each other with name calling. Even when I battled KARR so many years ago, we did not resort to emotional name calling to gain an upper hand upon each other. Again, my logic circuits have trouble evaluating human actions. And, based on the sensors in my driver's seat, I think that you could stand to lose a few pounds of mass from your torso.

Yet another hospital drama begins this night on the NBC network. The show entitled Mercy [premieres 9/23 @ 8 pm] cannot be terribly different from other dramas with a similar premise. Perhaps by focusing on the nurses, the viewers might gain a small dollop of newness? I suppose that there were many similarities between several of William Shakespeare's plays. Wait . . . did I just try to make a comparison between Shakespeare and an untested television drama. Maybe I need to get my cognitive circuits tightened when the oil is changed next week?
(In a human-like aside, I note that a different show called Parenthood is ready to replace Mercy in the spring, much like Chuck is preparing to replace Heroes. Does this NBC network have any confidence in the shows it is presenting?)

Law & Order: SVU [premieres 9/23 @ 9 pm] has been on the television for 11 years. It seems that the human race has a great fondness for dramatic entertainment set in hospitals or police headquarters. Is it attractive to watch the human race in extremis? Does it reveal the best and worst of you? Why do humans not want to watch more shows about super-intelligent machinery?

Again, by reviewing my entertainment database, I see that for a significant number of years, the NBC Network made itself popular and wealthy with its Thursday night grouping of shows. It might be instructive to look at this year's grouping on Thursday night to see if such popularity can repeat itself.

SNL: Weekend Update Thursday [premieres 9/17 @ 8 pm] confuses me. I have been devoting a large amount of my RAM memory trying to understand the title alone, which contains the works Saturday, Weekend, and Thursday. I suspect if it is even presented Live as the title also suggests. Additionally, while this show begins here at 8 pm, a note I observed shows that the new program Community [premieres 9/17 @ 9:30] will eventually take this 8 pm position on Thursday night. One wonders if such a new show with an untested plot about community college attendees learning about one another at study group will be able to survive a move from one time slot to another. And while we are at it, David, does not the plot for Community remind you slightly of that movie entitled The Breakfast Club? The show 30 Rock will take the 9:30 slot vacated by Community on October 15.

Parks and Recreation [premieres 9/17 @ 8:30] seems to be stable in this time slot and a show called The Office [premieres 9/17 @ 9 pm] seems to be the most predictable program on this extremely unpredictable night. At least one can confidently say that The Jay Leno Show will be on each night at 10 pm. I am only a super-fast, galactically-smart Trans-Am, but one hopes that The Jay Leno Show succeeds or the NBC Network will be facing a dangerous hole in their nightly programming schedule.

I must say, the confusion surrounding NBC Thursday night makes me wonder if such an ever-changing lineup will translate into ratings success and commercial profit. But, again, perhaps I should keep myself focused on jumping ditches and scanning buildings for security systems.

My review of television history shows that Friday nights are where "programs go to terminate" if I am using that human idiom correctly? One wonders if this theory will prove correct in 2009 when the Irresistible Force of Friday night failure meets the Immovable Object of Law & Order [premieres 9/25 @ 8 pm]. Law & Order has been on television since 1989, initially premiering only a few years after my own program went off the air. Additionally, it has undergone many cast changes without suffering visible damage to its overall popularity. I wonder what might have happened if we tried replacing David Hasselhoff with, say . . . Jan Michael Vincent in 1985?

The show Southland [premieres 10/23 @ 9 pm] is a police-based drama in the Los Angeles area. It might be well presented and written, but if a Trans-Am could give a script note, I would suggest they consider making one of the police cruisers Internet-capable . . . or maybe just connected to Twitter. I have found that intelligent vehicles lead to more dramatic captures of criminals.

I have decided to forgo a review of the weekend programming on the NBC network. A review of my TV Guide Web site shows that it features repeats of programs aired earlier in the week, a show called Dateline NBC that is almost as difficult to destroy as KARR was and many hours of the human sport of football. (And I should clarify that this is the American football, not the futbol played around the rest of the planet. My programming demands that I be specific on this point.)

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Sunday, September 06, 2009

ABC Fall 2009 TV preview post

We've covered The CW earlier today, so let's move on to a larger network.

I choose ABC because it is the first in alphabetical terms. And to honor the 2005 edition of my Fall TV reviews, I'm going to do this one in haiku form.

Dancing with the Stars [premieres 9/21 @ 8 pm]
Isn't it enough
to have premiere last two hours?
Also three nights long?

The Bachelor will be
a midseason replacement;
dancing not enough.

Castle [premieres 9/21 @ 10 pm]
Nathon Fillion
His pen is not the Hammer . . .
author solving crime.

Shark Tank [already running @ 8 pm]
Pitch your idea to
Captains of the industry.
Can you make big bucks?

Scrubs/Better off Ted [midseason replacement when Dancing . . . ends, 9-10 pm]
Two-headed beast of
underutilized talent
might be a success?

Forgotten [premieres 9/22 @ 10 pm]
Solving crimes each week.
Did Christian Slater forget
My . . . Worst Enemy?

Hank [premieres 9/30 @ 8 pm]
Kelsey Grammer is
out-of-work Wall Street exec.
C.D.O.'s are fun?

The Middle [premieres 9/30 @ 8:30 pm]
Patricia Heaton
is in Indiana with
sitcom family fun!

Modern Family [premieres 9/23 @ 9 pm]
Ed O'Neill gripes as
curmudgeon in this sitcom.
Anything new here?

Cougar Town [premieres 9/23 @ 9:30 pm]
40something chick
is played by Courtney Cox who
lusts after HS boys?

Eastwick [premieres 9/23 @ 10 pm]
Hour-long drama
might need Morrisey theme song
to succeed like Charmed.

FlashForward [premieres 9/24 @ 8 pm]
2 minute blackout
shows future to the world. Then
how will they react?

Editorial haiku: I look forward to/this show quite a bit, so I/give it my thumbs up!

Grey's Anatomy [premieres 9/24 @ 9 pm--2 HR. PREMIERE!]
Good locking doctors
still can't find life's happiness.
I am not involved.

Private Practice [premieres 10/1 @ 10 pm]
Grey's spin off also
less than interesting to me.
When is LOST back on?

Supernanny [premieres 10/16 @ 8 pm]
What is on Friday
'tween now and then I wonder?
Also . . . Raise Own Kids!

Ugly Betty [premieres 10/9 @ 8 pm?]
So, this on 'til Nanny?
THEN moves to 9 on Friday?
Does anyone care?

20/20 [do you really care when this premieres?]
News mag will always be
compared to 60 Minutes.
Always judged lacking.

College football will
always get more ratings than
any scripted show.

From 7 to 9 on Sunday
don't watch Videos or Home
Repair. Please. Don't do it.

Desperate Housewives [premieres 9/27 @ 9 pm]
This show is still set
on Wisteria Lane, so
not much has changed, huh?

Brothers and Sisters [premieres 9/27 @ 10 pm]
Sally Field! Flockhart!
Not enough to peak interest.
Want to persuade me?

Miscellaneous editorial haiku: V will premiere on/Nov. 3 at 8 o' the clock/Might be interesting.

The CW Fall 2009 TV preview post

A classic Silver Age "gag" cover bas...[I love this cover!]

In an unorthodox move, I am going to start my review of the Fall with the CW. Why them? Well, as I said at lunch one day within the last two weeks, every year, I pick (at least) one show that I choose to heap scorn upon and predict its demise.

Last year, it was ABC's Cavemen. A few years before that it was NBC's Whoopi. Easy targets, sure. But I think they were worthy targets nonetheless. Neither one lasted the year, and I choose to attribute their failures to incredibly bad judgement on the part of the network.

This year, I am starting with the CW because they are launching a "new" show this week that I am placing firmly within my scorn sites--Melrose Place. It will probably end up being as successful as the relaunch of 90210 was, but that won't stop me from ridiculing the idea whenever I get the opportunity.

So, here we go--

One Tree Hill [premiere 9/14] is on at 8 pm and Gossip Girl [premiere 9/14] is on at 9 pm. Beyond that is Local Programming, which in this area means local news. Is anyone watching One Tree Hill anymore? Does anyone even remember what the show is about? I have never watched two minutes of the series, but I know from magazines that it used to be about basketball and now is spinning off into weekly madness that sounds somewhat like a soap opera. I'm never interested. People used to tell me to watch Gossip Girl, but I think that was mostly because it featured a blogging character in the beginning. I never watched . . . and I suspect that the blogging plot hook was quickly dropped in favor of more focus on rich kids in fabulous clothes making poor life choices. Someone tell me, am I wrong?

FUN FACT--The TV Guide Web site that I consulted to find the premiere episode date of Gossip Girl was also displaying a DVD for a Christian-themed DVD entitled "Lamb of God." Why? Who knows? But it won't change the immoral action of the kids on that show. Spinning it in a religious direction would certainly be an unexpected plot twist, huh?

It's all nostalgia Tuesday night! Your blast into the past begins with another season of 90210 [premiere 9/8] at 8 pm. This is another show that I have never watched, in either its original or its updated incarnation. I guess I don't have much interest in a show that focuses on the lives of the wealthy and boring (unless they have superpowers or something). But with character names like Adrianna and Silver, you might find something to like I guess. However, why not watch, just so you can get yourself in the right frame of mind for the series premiere of Melrose Place [premiere 9/8] at 9 pm? Were you a fan of the original, a series about people who lived in the same apartment complex and who's lives got all intertwined and stuff? It's biggest claim to fame was resurrecting the career of Heather Locklear and pushing her to (maybe) fame's B-list. But here is a synopsis of the reboot show's plot (via TVGuide.com)--

The CW's remake of the soapy '90s melodrama features many familiar archetypes: the brooding bad boy, the nice couple, and the powerful bitch, to name three. The new show departs from its source material with a mystery storyline concerning a dead body that appears, Sunset Boulevard-style, in the apartment complex's pool.

Kinda sounds a bit like Veronica Mars to me. Any viewers who tune in should be so lucky.

FUN FACT--How long do you figure it will be before Ms. Locklear returns to the new Melrose in a much ballyhooed and promo'd way? Will they wait all the way until May sweeps at the end of the season?

America's Next Top Model [premiere 9/9] returns once more at 8 pm. Are you surprised to hear that I haven't watched this show either? Are you beginning to wonder why I am qualified to ever spend this much time writing on TV I don't watch? Well, it's because I have made this a part of my blogging repertoire ever since the first year I started this blog back in 2004 (back when The CW battled for viewership with a crazy network called UPN). Leaving that aside, I know reasonably intelligent people who actively watch ANTM every week. So, it must feature some sort of entertainment--though I suspect that entertainment is mostly due to a healthy dose of Crazy Tyra Banks. (Still, making fun of Tyra has give Joel McHale a career--more on him in another post, though.) A new show makes it's debut Wednesday night at 9 pm. The Beautiful Life: TBL [premieres 9/16] is looking to ride the fashion-based coattails of Tyra by setting the drama around two models trying to make their way in the fashion business. I know that the corpse of Misha Barton washed up on this show after the demise of The O.C. and the other notable name that I see is Corbin Bleu (of High School Musical fame). What I'm really intrigued by, however, is the redundant name of the series. Are they trying to steal from quality karma from the CSI shows?

FUN FACT--it must (?) be noteworthy that this 13th season of ANTM features all of the models at a height of 5 ft. 7 in. or less. Will America applaud?

Have you heard of Twilight? Are you aware that vampires are so hot right now? Because they are. Do you think True Blood is quality television? Well, maybe you'll tune in for the series premiere of The Vampire Diaries [premiere 9/10] at 8 pm. You can guess that it will feature brooding, longing looks, tortured sexual innuendo that suddenly bursts forth in inappropriate ways! Does that sound good? Wound you be swayed if I told you that LOST (season 1) veteran Ian Somerhalder is on the show? No? What if I told you that I think Somerhalder plays an evil vampire who is brother to the tortured one trying to be good? Still no? Well then, why not try Supernatural [premiere 9/10] at 9 pm. It also features brothers who deal with demons, the occult, and odd stuff. This show has been on the air for a few years and Lynda claims the few episodes that she has watched to be "good." But she also likes the original British version of Dr. Who.

FUN FACT--It is somehow important for the TV Guide synopsis of Supernatural to point out that the demon-fighting brothers travel around the country in a '67 Impala. Is that somehow vital to the plot in a way I've never understood? Is there a Stephen Kingish "Christine" thing going on here?

For me, here is the only show on The CW that I am watching. As in years past, that show is Smallville [premiere 9/25] at 8 pm. I've seen the trailer for season 9 (nine!!) and it looks dark, brooding, angry, and sad. The show was once bright, fun, and full of cheesy good cheer. But I guess being a superpowered teen in Kansas was a major bummer for our Clark Kent. Either that or he took 9/11 really hard a few years back. The only character still on from the early years is my favorite non-canon character of Chloe Sullivan. Once Clark's oft-overlooked love interest and always a bit of geeky sex appeal, she hangs on now because . . . well, I don't know. Her husband, James (don't call me "Jimmy") Olsen, tried to break up with her last season due to extreme jealously and general idiocy. But they are trying to make amends. Clark's biggest superpower remain his willingness to overlook what a terrible character the show has created for Lois Lane and perhaps it is this that makes him unwilling to fly. But, like a crack addict, I'll be back again this year. Will it be the last?

FUN FACT--The CW acknowledges that nobody with a social life is watching it's network on Friday nights at 9 pm, so it will be showing reruns of the ANTM episode it showed earlier in the week.
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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Earn Charity Donations on Blogger with SocialVibe

I've said before on this page that I admire how large fan bases (such as the online Harry Potter community and the Nerdfighters) can use their fandom to work collectively for the common good.

It is in that spirit that I am taking advantage of a new Blogger plug in widget that allows my site to do something charitable.

I, of course, do not have any fans, only friends and relatives who come by now and again to see what I'm throwing up on WWYG. But you are all wellmeaning people who want to help others. So, if you feel inspired to click on the new box at the top right of the page, please do.

I've said before that I wouldn't put up Blogger/Google's AdSense ads on my blog because 1) it wouldn't make me any money anyway and 2) this site isn't about profit for me. But I've posted links to charitable stuff in the past and I see no reason why I couldn't do it here.

To read more about the SocialVibe effort that is the impetus of this new Blogger initiative, read this information that I edited from Blogger.


Guest Post by Joe Marchese, SocialVibe CEO

In honor of Blogger's 10th anniversary, we are excited to announce that you can now use your blogs to create positive, measurable social change. By adding the SocialVibe gadget to your blog, you'll be turning brand dollars into real charitable donations for the cause of your choice. The World Wildlife Foundation, Nature Conservancy, DonorsChoose, Invisible Children, and Charity:Water are just a few of the great charities you can support on Blogger.

[M]oney will be earned for charities every time readers engage with the gadget (e.g. rating a Showtime video clip). You can switch your cause and sponsor as often as you like, and receive regular updates from your charity about goal progress and impact. Thus far, SocialVibe has been able to raise over $500,000 for charities, and we know the Blogger community will be able to significantly increase this amount. In fact, we are setting a goal for the community to raise $50,000 before the end of the year (and remember, you don't raise money by taking money out of your pocket—or your audience's—but rather by getting your readers to engage with your SocialVibe gadget).

With SocialVibe, the Blogger community can pool our individual influences to create positive change in the world. Never before has making a positive social impact online been this easy.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

What's next on my reading list?

As I mentioned on Twitter last night, I finished the Stephen King Dark Tower series. I liked it fine, may it do 'ya, but I wasn't in love with it when it was over.

But, what is next for me?

I've got several books on the bedside table--James Mitchner's "Space," Jimmy Carter's "Our Enduring Values," a book from my mom called "Secular Sanctuary" and something else I can't remember.

Still, I've got a commitment made to read and blog on Jane Austen'a "Pride and Prejudice." why would I do this? It's to support my friend Cordelia's efforts on her new blog, Thar She Blogs. (I'd hyperlink the title, but I'm doing this via the phone.) You can access her blog via the link in my blog list on the right side of the screen.

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