Thursday, September 10, 2009

So, what will I be watching?

Well, I've finally written the Fall TV lineups for the major networks. You can read them in the series of posts below. I doubt you'll find it very illuminating, but I'll give you one last bit.

I'll tell you which shows I will be setting my VCR to record while I'm helping get the kids in bed. I'll tell you which shows I will rearrange things around so that I don't miss. I'll tell you which shows I'll be angry to miss if I get (rare) phone calls.

Monday: It really boils down to How I Met Your Mother. I used to squeeze in Heroes here, but no longer. I should try to fit in Big Bang Theory.

Tuesday: Nothing? Really? Let me check again . . . Wow! That's about right. I guess when Scrubs and Better Off Ted appear as midseason replacements on ABC, I'll watch that. But otherwise, perhaps I should schedule late night tennis games or learn a foreign language or try to read the Iliad in Greek or something.

I'm open to suggestions from the audience.

Wednesday: Glee looks pretty strong on FOX at 9 pm. I watched it on Wednesday for the first time (only 2nd episode) and like it a lot. And that may be all.

Thursday: I'll definitely be recording ABC's FlashForward at 8 pm, then watching Fringe at 9 pm on FOX. (Sorry, yet again The Office.) Somewhere I'll need to find a way to squeeze in 30Rock, but that dilemma won't occur until October.

Friday: Against my better judgment, I'm watching Smallville at 8 pm and then I'll greatly enjoy Dollhouse at 9 pm. Ohhhh, but wait! Friday nights are kids movie nights? Can we get their movie's done in time for me to watch Dollhouse live? Or will I have to tape Smallville and Dollhouse and watch them both when the kids are up in bed? (Yeah, probably that.)

And so, mostly that is it. Of course, when LOST returns for its final season in January, all will be altered to meet that need. But that is yet to come.


If you need more help deciphering when you want to watch new shows in the next several weeks, this handy calendar shows all the new premieres. And if you want to see how (actually) talented and creative people discuss Fall TV on quality blogs, then don't miss this link.

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jack t. said...

i recommend Tuesday night be fight club night. and i don't mean the movie.