Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where I've been

You know . . . I haven't been writing new long-form stuff here on WWYG for about a week-and-a-half or (gulp!) . . . more? But, it's not like I haven't been throwing stuff out there. You just might not be plugged into the other digital spaces that I have been using.

You already know what they are, right?

I've kept up a steady conversation with myself on Twitter . . . and if you've been coming here to WWYG trying and hoping to see something new, you might be disappointed with the main space here on the left side of the page. But the Twitter feed on the right side is always showing the latest bits. I realize that many people have an irrational dislike of Twitter . . . and I will not provide enough content to drive you to join up, I'm sure. But if you need a reason to try and decipher what I'm up to, think of it as a series of zen koans. Maybe if you stare at them long enough, the disembodied statements will make sense and you will hear the sound of one hand typing?

Anyway, there's that. But I'm also on Facebook. (Truthfully, mostly my contributions on Facebook are as another repository of my tweets--they start out in one place and end up in the other.) But I sometimes comment on other people's stuff as well. You can rest assured that whatever I'm saying, its worthy of your notice and is bound to be hilarious in some form or fashion.

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