Sunday, September 13, 2009


Over the weekend I bought a new bike lock to replace the old, college-era U-bolt lock that was all the rage back then . . . until it was found that they could be popped open with nothing more exciting than a Bic ballpoint pen. But, I've kept using it in the random times when I went bike riding on weekend errands or the like. Nothing bad has ever happened.

Still, I was out getting my haircut Friday night and decided to get a better lock. A smaller one too. And when I did, I had to get rid of the old bracket that held the lock on the frame. When I removed it, I saw the discolored bit of frame that has been hidden away since I first bought the bike back in 1991.

Imagine what that bit of bike frame has missed in the past eighteen years?! In fact, during that time, I've almost doubled in age. When that bike was bought, I actually bought it with Lynda's credit card--since I didn't have one at the time as a college sophomore. Since that lock was placed, I've gotten a lot more gray hair, a few more pounds, and significantly more kids. I've discovered how much I like podcasts (but now face the fact that--until my defunct laptop is fixed--I may fall very far behind in them).

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Sven Golly said...

Genius at work: went for a haircut and got a lock. To save for posterity, I guess.
PS. Is the bracket still usable? Do they even make those anymore?