Monday, February 26, 2024

#HatofSummer Rules Video

 I am not a good content creator strategist.

If I was trying to drive consistent traffic to my blog/YouTube channel, I would create content and then push it live on a regular schedule--similar to how the Disney+ streaming services get you interested in a series and then deliver a new episode week-by-week.

(All this assumes that any content that I make would be sufficiently interesting to drive any traffic anywhere. But this is a hypothetical and not a reflection of what I know is reality.)

But instead, I get excited by ideas and I make them and throw them up by inspiration.

Case in point: I created my #HatofSummer teaser video and put it up on Saturday. And then I got an idea for the #HatofSummer Rules video and I put it together on Sunday and pushed it live. 

That alone is not a bad thing. 

But I'm not ready to push the rest of the #HatofSummer videos live immediately after. So I promise something and then there is a lag while I get the rest of things together. Because I don't have a critical mass of followers, then attention wanes and lessens any interest in subsequent videos that come.

Oh well.

Here is the rules video that I put together Sunday afternoon. It's not the slickest video you will ever see on YouTube, but I enjoyed making it and I like it. Not that bad for a few hours of work and all done for free.

More #HatofSummer videos will come soon, I promise. And then the real voting can get started.

Saturday, February 24, 2024

#HatofSummer 2024 is Coming Soon!

Even though there is snow on the ground outside the window as I type this, Spring is soon to arrive. And that means that the videos for the 2024 Hat of Summer are in preparation now.
And so, I spent some time this weekend working on the ins and outs and I got this teaser trailer put together.

I hope that you like it.

And I really hope that you keep your eyes open for the other videos that are to come.

Next up will be a rules video, separate from the hat-specific videos. (It's odd that I haven't made a rules only video in the past, but I'm excited to put it together.)

The hat videos and the Google form for voting are soon to be made and will be live soon. As always, I thank you for your attention and your interest in this weird little annual project of mine.