Monday, February 26, 2024

#HatofSummer Rules Video

 I am not a good content creator strategist.

If I was trying to drive consistent traffic to my blog/YouTube channel, I would create content and then push it live on a regular schedule--similar to how the Disney+ streaming services get you interested in a series and then deliver a new episode week-by-week.

(All this assumes that any content that I make would be sufficiently interesting to drive any traffic anywhere. But this is a hypothetical and not a reflection of what I know is reality.)

But instead, I get excited by ideas and I make them and throw them up by inspiration.

Case in point: I created my #HatofSummer teaser video and put it up on Saturday. And then I got an idea for the #HatofSummer Rules video and I put it together on Sunday and pushed it live. 

That alone is not a bad thing. 

But I'm not ready to push the rest of the #HatofSummer videos live immediately after. So I promise something and then there is a lag while I get the rest of things together. Because I don't have a critical mass of followers, then attention wanes and lessens any interest in subsequent videos that come.

Oh well.

Here is the rules video that I put together Sunday afternoon. It's not the slickest video you will ever see on YouTube, but I enjoyed making it and I like it. Not that bad for a few hours of work and all done for free.

More #HatofSummer videos will come soon, I promise. And then the real voting can get started.

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