For several years now I've been asking people to choose my #OfficialHatOfSummer.
That means, as summer approaches (the June Solstice), I present some head gear options via a YouTube video and then solicit votes from people through my various social media outlets.

Once the Solstice has arrived, I tally the final votes and present that Summer's #OfficialHat.

And the rules are very simple after that.

(No, really , , , it's all quite straightforward.)

For the rest of those summer days, between the Solstice and Labor Day . . . when I wear a hat, it must be that year's #OfficialHat.

If you want to learn more about past campaigns and see what is happening in this Summer's efforts, you can check out my Why Won't You Video playlist on the YouTube channel.

And here is this year's teaser video for the 2024 #HatofSummer candidates.


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