Saturday, December 02, 2023

Football Counter-Programming 2023: Week 14


Did you think I was done just because YOUR team got eliminated last weekend?

Well, even though the field has been winnowed and there are fewer games on the schedule during a Saturday, that doesn't mean that College Football has gone away. And wherever there is a pigskin (p)rumble going on somewhere, I'll be there . . . in spirit . . . because I can't afford to go to all of these games and the whole reason for this thread is to NOT promote . . . anyway . . . you get it.


What/how can I distract you from the various conference championship games? How can I convince you not to watch was is (in theory at least) the BEST matchups between the BEST teams in YOUR chosen conference?

The best thing I can do, as always, is turn my attention to the marching band.

I don't know if you've heard this about me, but I'm into marching band. I like it. I have participated in it. I support it. I assist with it. My kids were/are in it. etc.

And I'm not sure you know, but this past marching band season was a historically good one for my kid's High School. The Marching Warriors did quite well at (al)most all of the competitions that we entered this year. And the "NonStop" show (based on Hamilton--ever heard of it?) was a crowd favorite and one of more technically challenging shows that the Marching Warriors have done in a long time.

And the band program is blessed with creative people who have done a great job this year and in many past years to capture the experience of the show with drones, multiple cameras, on camera recording, and kid-mounted GoPro videos that put you inside the show in very fun ways.

So, today, I am going to encourage you to wander over the the Westerville North Bands YouTube channel and peruse the Playlists. You will find several videos of the NonStop show from a crowd angle (in the stands) and if you check out the GoPro Playlist you will find many more POV recordings of the show from various band members. Those POV videos are so fun because you get to see and hear the kids in their element. But you also gain a stronger appreciation for the effort and skill that is required to be a marcher/performer/musician. If you have never been in a marching band, you might not fully comprehend the challenges. Challenges that these kids have dedicated many months of their year meeting and exceeding.

So, celebrate something other than football today.

You'll be glad you did.

Main WNHS Bands YouTube Channel: