Wednesday, September 02, 2009

What's next on my reading list?

As I mentioned on Twitter last night, I finished the Stephen King Dark Tower series. I liked it fine, may it do 'ya, but I wasn't in love with it when it was over.

But, what is next for me?

I've got several books on the bedside table--James Mitchner's "Space," Jimmy Carter's "Our Enduring Values," a book from my mom called "Secular Sanctuary" and something else I can't remember.

Still, I've got a commitment made to read and blog on Jane Austen'a "Pride and Prejudice." why would I do this? It's to support my friend Cordelia's efforts on her new blog, Thar She Blogs. (I'd hyperlink the title, but I'm doing this via the phone.) You can access her blog via the link in my blog list on the right side of the screen.

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Cordelia said...

Thanks for the mention, David! I must add that you are not just reading Jane Austen for me, but for the edification of your soul. Can't wait to hear about your experience!