Sunday, September 06, 2009

ABC Fall 2009 TV preview post

We've covered The CW earlier today, so let's move on to a larger network.

I choose ABC because it is the first in alphabetical terms. And to honor the 2005 edition of my Fall TV reviews, I'm going to do this one in haiku form.

Dancing with the Stars [premieres 9/21 @ 8 pm]
Isn't it enough
to have premiere last two hours?
Also three nights long?

The Bachelor will be
a midseason replacement;
dancing not enough.

Castle [premieres 9/21 @ 10 pm]
Nathon Fillion
His pen is not the Hammer . . .
author solving crime.

Shark Tank [already running @ 8 pm]
Pitch your idea to
Captains of the industry.
Can you make big bucks?

Scrubs/Better off Ted [midseason replacement when Dancing . . . ends, 9-10 pm]
Two-headed beast of
underutilized talent
might be a success?

Forgotten [premieres 9/22 @ 10 pm]
Solving crimes each week.
Did Christian Slater forget
My . . . Worst Enemy?

Hank [premieres 9/30 @ 8 pm]
Kelsey Grammer is
out-of-work Wall Street exec.
C.D.O.'s are fun?

The Middle [premieres 9/30 @ 8:30 pm]
Patricia Heaton
is in Indiana with
sitcom family fun!

Modern Family [premieres 9/23 @ 9 pm]
Ed O'Neill gripes as
curmudgeon in this sitcom.
Anything new here?

Cougar Town [premieres 9/23 @ 9:30 pm]
40something chick
is played by Courtney Cox who
lusts after HS boys?

Eastwick [premieres 9/23 @ 10 pm]
Hour-long drama
might need Morrisey theme song
to succeed like Charmed.

FlashForward [premieres 9/24 @ 8 pm]
2 minute blackout
shows future to the world. Then
how will they react?

Editorial haiku: I look forward to/this show quite a bit, so I/give it my thumbs up!

Grey's Anatomy [premieres 9/24 @ 9 pm--2 HR. PREMIERE!]
Good locking doctors
still can't find life's happiness.
I am not involved.

Private Practice [premieres 10/1 @ 10 pm]
Grey's spin off also
less than interesting to me.
When is LOST back on?

Supernanny [premieres 10/16 @ 8 pm]
What is on Friday
'tween now and then I wonder?
Also . . . Raise Own Kids!

Ugly Betty [premieres 10/9 @ 8 pm?]
So, this on 'til Nanny?
THEN moves to 9 on Friday?
Does anyone care?

20/20 [do you really care when this premieres?]
News mag will always be
compared to 60 Minutes.
Always judged lacking.

College football will
always get more ratings than
any scripted show.

From 7 to 9 on Sunday
don't watch Videos or Home
Repair. Please. Don't do it.

Desperate Housewives [premieres 9/27 @ 9 pm]
This show is still set
on Wisteria Lane, so
not much has changed, huh?

Brothers and Sisters [premieres 9/27 @ 10 pm]
Sally Field! Flockhart!
Not enough to peak interest.
Want to persuade me?

Miscellaneous editorial haiku: V will premiere on/Nov. 3 at 8 o' the clock/Might be interesting.

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