Thursday, January 23, 2020

Turning XII

Hannah--my youngest--but definitely no longer my smallest daughter turns twelve today. And it is remarkable when you compare who she is now as a sixth-grader to who she was even less than twelve months ago. When they start to grow up, sometimes it feels like they board a rocket ship of change that just keeps getting faster and faster.

And if you know me you know that while I have a great fondness for cute infants and babies, I really enjoy it when kids grow old enough to be something like themselves. People who can talk to you, carry on a conversation about The Mandalorian, and humor me by laughing at my jokes--or at least laughing at me.

Hannah is right in that sweet spot. She is fully herself (though, paradoxically, there is still much about her that is still changing and forming) and she doesn't mind spending time with me. Which is great.

Anyway, what I'm telling you is that I'm so proud of who she is and how she is becoming her own person.

She's sharp. She's bright. She's very ready to be older than she is and more independent than she can be allowed to be.

She might be the one to get into the most trouble in a few years. We'll have to wait and see on that--but not that I'll let it happen, you understand.

No matter, though, she is a great person and I am so proud of her.

The happiest of birthday's to my (former) banana!