Hello! I'm your host, David.

You must be here looking for information on Why Won't You Grow?! 

Simply put, it's my website. But, that much is probably obvious.

What can you say about a project that has been ongoing since August 2004? What can you say about a project that has spanned several template designs, innumerable HTML adjustments, a brief diaspora over on Wordpress (and eventual, triumphant return)? What do you say about a blog that only once hit the big time by randomly linking to a Newsweek story on Mormons that somehow alerted the search engines to my presence--generating a very exciting 300 hits in one day? What do you say that can sum up sporadic posts about anything and everything--"Star Trek" to "Lost," my kids, my wife, Harry Potter, Halloween, presidential debates and Oscar nights? What do you say about the original . . . the one that spawned all the others . . . the one that is updated most often?

The only absolute thing to say is START READING! You can begin here. If you aren't interested in starting at the very beginning, well, I guess you'll just have to catch up as we go along. You can hit the latest entry of Why Won't You Grow?! here.

One important note: For the first several years of posts, I used aliases for my family members. Eventually I stopped doing that. But if you haven't been reading from the beginning, it might help you to review this key:

Tegan = my wife Lynda. She suggested the name due to her childhood love of that particular female companion of Dr. Who.

Ariel = my oldest daughter Sarah. When I started this blog she was a big fan of The Little Mermaid.

Ruth = my second daughter Grace. The name comes from her Godmother.

Hannah = my third child, who changed their name to Jay. Jay was born after the decision to stop using the aliases--and then got their own name switch.

Well, that's it. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy yourself.