Wednesday, September 19, 2007

FOX Fall TV Preview

For the other networks that I have reviewed so far--NBC, ABC, CBS--there haven't been too many new shows coming during the fall season. But Fox is different. As I begin preparing for this post, I log into the Fox website and noticed that they have a great deal of new shows, which I am going to try to review while not being sucked into the awfully manipulative "Kid Nation." (For more on "KN" check you the CBS preview that I posted last time.

NOTE--Fox has already started their shows, so I am giving you the regular night and time.

"Back to You" (Wednesdays @ 8 pm) features the return of former stars on new shows. Kelsey Grammer ("Cheers" and "Frasier") plays a TV anchor who tried to make the big time, failed by saying a curse word on the air, and had to slink back to the small town news. His co-anchor is Patricia Heaton ("Everybody Loves Raymond"). So, he's pompous, she's brittle and long-suffering. Both roles sound familiar to what they've done before. It might be funny, but it might be ordinary.

"Kitchen Nightmares" (Wednesdays @ 9 pm) follows the continuing anger management issues of Chef Gordon Ramsey. His previous show "Hell's Kitchen" was a reality show that boiled down to him yelling at a group of chef-wannabees when they scorched the soup. But in "Kitchen Nightmares" Ramsey brings his brand of cheffing into the actual functioning kitchens of actual restaurants. He'll still yell, but will the chefs on the receiving end of his British snit accept it with good grace or toss him out like last night's leftover salmon?

"K-ville" (Mondays @ 9 pm) is a police drama set in modern-day New Orleans--hence the name "K-ville" which is current slang for Katrina-ville. The focus of the series is the dedicated, understaffed, overwhelmed police force that is trying to bring order back to the the chaos of a major city destroyed by a hurricane. The police characters are various in their temperaments and personalities, but they have cool nicknames like "Glue Boy" and "Love Tap." If I was a hipper individual, I'd know more about who they were based on those intriguing clues.

"Nashville" (Fridays @ 9 pm) is a "docu-soap" following the professional ups and downs of a group of young people trying to make it in the Nashville, TN music scene. Some are recently signed to music deals and have their friends there helping out or hanging on. There are some that experiencing career slips and are determined not to give up on their dreams. Etc. If you like country music and you have enjoyed shows like "Laguna Beach" this show might be right up your alley.

"The Next Great American Band" (Friday Oct. 19 @ 8 pm). Think American Idol but for a band.

Other shows that are listed as Fall TV shows, but are actually COMING SOON--

Anchorwoman--ex model and ex-WWE diva Lauren Jones is given a real job as a real news anchor in real town Tyler, Texas. (I actually know people that recently moved there. Wonder how they feel about having their news organizations hijacked for "entertainment" purposes?
Canturbury's Law--another lawyer show, notable for the acting skills of Julianna Marguilles ("ER").
New Amsterdam
--sounds a lot like a mashup of CBS's "Moonlight" (eternal life) and NBC's "Journeyman."
The Return of Jezebel James--Gilmore Girls writer, creator, producer Amy Sherman-Palladino returns to TV with a show that asks if two estranged sisters can get along when they live together . . . and oh, yeah, one is carrying the other one's baby. Fun!
Unhitched--It's a show about dating, but I LOVE the description on the website, so please forgive me while I cut and paste: "Dating is like going to the farmers market – if you get there early, there’s plenty of fruit, all ripe, juicy and yours for the taking. That’s dating in your 20s. But if you get there at closing time, it’s a completely different story. What little fruit is left has been sitting in the sun all day. It’s been dropped, squeezed and handled by a thousand different people. That’s dating in your 30s." Produce metaphors!
The Sarah Connors Chronicles--Yes, it's that Sarah Connors. If you've ever imagined what she did in the cracks and holes left from the three movies, well, now is your chance to agree or disagree.
When Women Rule the World--What might be the most intriguing show on Fox is hard to decide when it'll be on the air. It's a reality show where women are put in charge of men who are used to being in charge. (What man isn't, right fellas? Fellas? Hello?) But really, the men are in competition to be the last man standing. Whomever acceded to the demands of the ruling women the best will (presumably) be the winner. I'd think of something snarky to say here, but . . .

So, Fox is confusing. What shows are in rotation and which one's aren't? Are the coming soon shows waiting in the wings to replace failures? Did Fox just have lots of money to spend? I'm not sure, but since I don't watch Fox hardly at all, I don't think I'll worry that much.

Next up . . . the CW.

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