Saturday, April 12, 2008

To Do

I've been chipping away at the To Do List that I created for myself when my paternity leave started.

Most of the tasks were small--complete Grace's Kindergarten registration paperwork, fix the wonky drawer guides on one of the bookcases, return unsatisfactory pillows. Most of them I've accomplished in the last few days. Lynda and the girls have helped out as well. I still have some of the larger tasks yet to do--get 2nd estimate on replacing the deck with a patio, etc.

But I've kept busy today. I took Grace to her gymnastics lesson today (after taking Sarah to her soccer game last night). Grace's class is very introductory right now, but I was inwardly laughing when the teacher was giving them instructions on the various movements they should practice on the different apparatuses (?). I can't speak for the other children out there, but I know that Grace has trouble (sometimes) following two simple instructional steps. And here the teacher was loading them up with what seemed like fifteen different things to do. Naturally, Grace performed very well because kids always do better listening to strangers than they do listening to parents. (I hold out strong hope that this will continue to hold true when kindergarten begins.)

You can see some videos taken last week of Grace in action to get a flavor of what's expected. I think she performed better and more independently today than the videos show.

For dinner tonight I got ambitious. I took advantage of the bread machine that our neighbor has been lending us and make a pizza dough. When Sarah and Grace got back from shopping with mom, we topped it with pepperoni, cheese, and mushrooms. The dough ended up tasting a bit more like biscuit than fluffy store bought dough, but the kids declared it delicious. I also busted out the grill for the first time and had some marinated steaks with corn on the cob.

It was all a success.

Now I've got to clean it all up.


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