Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Charleton Heston, RIP

I know that Moses returned to the great gun range in the sky this past weekend. I know that I am not being timely with this post, but, well, I guess I have no excuse.

But when someone this Hollywood famous dies, all eyes rightly turn to Mr. Cruise.

I admit that I didn't have a good explanation for why Tom would take out The Omega Man, but then Shirtless reminded me of a crucial point. Maybe Cruise wasn't the trigger man this time. Perhaps one of his Scientologist minions did it. This made some sense to me, especially when it was pointed out that there have persistent rumors that Will Smith was introduced to Scientology and might now be a Scientologist.

Think of it. Will (I Am Legend) Smith is one of the most respected names in Hollywood. Everybody loves him--even me. But, if he had fallen under the Scientology spell, then who knows? And given that Smith's most recent big time film was I Am Legend, which was a remake of Heston's Omega Man, then things begin to mesh in what you could call a convincing way . . . but maybe not, since it turns out that Smith is trying his best to say he is NOT a Scientologist.

So, what to believe, right? I mean, for every post or website saying that Smith is a Scientologist, you'll find another saying he's NOT a Scientologist. The Internets are not for trusting, I guess. Look at me after all. Periodically, my straight laced and all true blog is infected with the Tom Cruise insanity.

And if you can't always trust me, then obviously, you can't trust anybody.

But, if you use this as an excuse NOT to accept that big Hollywood film . . . well, I won't blame you. Besides, anything might trigger Cruise.

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