Thursday, April 24, 2008

PL, day 12

I am a genius!

Starting to get my lunch ready (hey, when the kid is sleeping in the swing, you eat when you can) and I'm boiling some hotdogs. And I thought wistfully about having steamed buns, because I've watched enough Food Network to know that really good hotdogs come inside steamed buns. But I don't have a steamer. Then, the genius-thing kicked in.

I put a cookie cooling wire rack on top of the pot of water that the hot dogs are boiling in and I set the buns on top of the mesh. That way, the steam from the pot infuses the buns, loosening them up--and probably injecting some of that hot doggy goodness into the taste of the bread besides!

Genius, right?


Yesterday, Hannah and I got back on the walking routine after two days off. Grace was back at school, so we didn't have to worry about her. But I waited until the afternoon to go out and that turned out to be a bad idea. Because yesterday afternoon was the hottest day of the spring so far and naturally, I spun off into a new direction and soon realized that I was past the halfway point of no return (where you should just keep on going forward because it won't be any faster than turning around and retracing your steps). So, I sweated my way around in the longest, warmest walk yet and got home just in time for me to drink a cold drink before getting in the car to pick up the kids after school. Sure I was unconsciously (or probably consciously) attempting to make up for the lack of walking on Monday or Tuesday, but my feet hurt last night. And I don't need to make my feet any angrier at me.

Hannah is doing well. I convinced Lynda to up her bottle intake a bit to avoid feedings every two hours. It seems to work pretty well. I am still amazed at home much she tends to sleep in the daytime hours--not constantly, but more consistently than in the afternoons. She has also gotten pretty predictable (knock on wood) about sleeping many hours during the night. Of course, last night was the exception to that, but Lynda didn't feed her, just rocked her back to sleep again. Poor Lynda is battling with her seasonal allergies and didn't get lots of sleep last night, so I guess she let me sleep since she was already partially awake?

Sarah's soccer game was cancelled due to rain last night, but they had to let them play IN the rain for ten minutes, then make everyone wait under a shelter for an additional twenty minutes before deciding to call it off. Naturally by then, the rain had moved off. Oh well. We came home and Sarah practiced a bit more on her bike.

The bike . . . well, Lynda convinced me to give up on the previous bike that Sarah had. It was cheaply bought--and I do mean cheap--at Meijer, had several mechanical issues that made any kind of consistent learning on it problematic, and was a bit too big for Sarah's height anyway. So, we are going to donate it and S. got a better bike at local bike store on Tuesday night. At Bike Professional's suggestion, we are going cold turkey with no training wheels at all now. Sarah has lowered the seat so she can sit with her feet touching the ground and is propelling herself by pushing. In this way, she's training herself to perfect balancing. She's doing well and though she is disappointed that the learning is not instantaneous, I'm trying to be positive. She'll figure it out eventually and then we'll all be happier.

Just checked on my buns (That's what she said?) and they are nice and moist (shut up!) so, I'm almost ready to eat.


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