Monday, April 21, 2008

PL, day 9

Might not have much time to post today. Grace is home sick with a fever . . . so my idyllic time of eating chocolates and sleeping is going to be disrupted today. (Joking . . .)

But I can report on stuff I did Friday and over the weekend.

I had luck with Jack T. on Friday and Hannah and I enjoyed the life of an urban hipster living near downtown. I had a veggie hamburger at the Northstar Cafe and then Jack and I strolled through the Short North, enjoying a spectacular springtime day with trees blooming and sun shining. Hannah was very good through it all.

On Saturday, L. and I cashed in some babysitting credits and we went out for dinner and a movie. The dinner was excellent and we quite enjoyed Jason Segal's movie "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." It wasn't nearly as raunchy as "Superbad" or even "Knocked Up" and it had the right balance of outright funny and romantic sweetness. (Plus, since both L. and I are loyal fans of CBS's "How I Met Your Mother"--from which we first met Jason Segal, we knew we liked his personality.)

Sunday I added some additional swing hangers onto the most awesome play set in the world, allowing us to hang a baby swing for Hannah. She's not yet old enough to swing, but it won't be long now. She's been successfully rolling onto her side throughout this past week, so she's learning to control herself more and more. (In fact, this morning, I watched her complete a circle of twisting all around her mat this morning.)

Oh, one more thing. I took Sarah to her soccer game Friday night, as while her team lost again--they are 0 and 3, they scored three goals! These are the first three goals of the season for her team. I promised to put pictures of her in her uniform, so I'll provide links to that here. Don't forget to appreciate the awesome jersey number.

I'll try to carve out time later, or maybe tonight to discuss other things. I'm sure there are other things to discuss, I just don't know what they are right now.

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