Thursday, April 03, 2008

The shift is on

I got off work early today to take Hannah to her 2 month checkup. (She's fine, by the way; gaining weight and increasing her head circumference as needed or even faster than needed. My girls have always been ahead of the curve in infant weight gain.)

So, that's all good news. She did get her shots today, which often means bad news. She might be crank from the pain and vaccinations sickening her slightly but at most that might only last a day or so.

Though she won't remember this, the shots come at the time when Lynda is shifting away and I'm starting to take over. Yes, Lynda's maternity leave is over and her first day back at work was today. (I won't begin my 15 days of paternity leave until middle of next week, since Lynda's mom flew back into town to spend some more quality time with her granddaughters.)

But the transition from Mommy to Daddy is beginning. I resolve to take Hannah for walks every day, for my benefit and for hers. I hope I can exercise my weight down a bit as the weather is now warming up and such things are possible. Poor Lynda had to handle things when it was bitter cold and snowy. But, Daddy continues to be luck in all things.

I also hope to blog more than I have been recently--as long as Hannah continues to sleep well in the mornings. I know I haven't been providing much new content lately, but I want to make that change.

In that spirit, let me talk for a few minutes about Sarah's soccer team practice last night. You might wonder (some of you might) what it is like to watch ten elementary school girls experience the technicalities of soccer (or any sport really) for the first time. I liken it to sitting down to watch a movie, but also having the director stop the final cut and adjusting the camera angle, talking things over with the assistant directors and the actors in the scene, and providing a running commentary of the action at the same time. In short, its a tedious process where much is discussed and adjusted, but everything goes at one-quarter speed and little is finally accomplished. (Maybe it best resembles the corporate work environment?)

Anyway, these are still just practices. I wonder if this interrupting, learning style will be prominent in the actual games which begin in two weeks. (Please note that I am not meaning to be critical here of the coach--I wouldn't want/couldn't do his job. I just find the absence of actual game flow to be remarkable . . . absent.)

In other things about the soccer experience, I could not be happier. Sarah is outside, running, (a bit . . . since the games are very stop and start, as I mentioned) and her team just decided that they are to be christened the Blue Dolphins. So, last night I took her blue soccer jersey and got her name and number put on the back. So SARAH will proudly sport the awesome number 9 3/4 and I give virtual high fives to whomever among you can suss out the significance of THAT numeral. (Just know that Sarah and I are particularly happy about our little inside joke.)


lulu said...

I know what it means, and it ROCKS. Are you sure she shouldn't be in Ravenclaw?

David said...

It does indeed Rock!
And she almost got Ginny put on the back of her jersey, but I dissuaded it so it wouldn't lead to team confusion.

I'll post a picture with her in the jersey next week.