Thursday, May 01, 2008

DO believe the hype!

Two of the most over promoted people in the world joined forces yesterday--Oprah and the "illusionist" David Blaine.

Though I didn't watch it live, you can read about it on Oprah's website. He was attempting to set the world record for holding his breath, I think. I can't concentrate past the weird blue water sphere that he performed in and the totally awesome logo that he sports on his jumpsuit.

I've never been a db fan, but at least when he presented himself as a quirky street performer, I found him interesting. Lately he's come off as an attention seeker that wants to damage his body each and every time he appears in public. And I just can't get past the notion that it's all fake. Everyone KNOWS that magicians are anything but magical--they just make you THINK they are doing something while they do another think right under you nose. Why should this be any different?

But what truly perplexes me here is that Oprah, who is usually so interested in changing the world one person at a time, has this on her show. What's her angle here?

Wait . . .

. . . you don't think?

Oh my gosh, Oprah KNOWS that global warming is coming and she and Blaine are trying to warn people about rising ocean tides! They are trying to save the human race by circumventing the evolutionary process and encourage increased lung capacity!

David Blaine is the first icythus sapiens!

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