Saturday, May 03, 2008

Is the LOST Island . . . in Canada?

You are aware, I'm sure, that the 2008 Olympics are being held in Beijing later this summer.

But are you aware that there are strong indications that the mysterious Island of LOST has been shown to be located near Canada? Apparently, it's true. And here we all thought that the Island was somewhere in the Pacific. The odd triangulation of Beijing 2008, Canada, and LOST can be found in the design of the Canadian Olympic teams oddly familiar togs.

Canada has gained notoriety in recent Olympic years by having some of the most stylish team uniform designs of any participating nation. I remember some other years fondly--gotta love the blending of red and white (and I do like the graphic possibilities that the Maple Leaf provides.

The apparel company that has often supplied the Canadian teams of the past is Roots, and the company was so successful that the U.S. Olympic team has employed their design services in the past, but not (apparently) this year.

But Canada has decided to employ the design styles of Hbc this year. Not everyone is happy. Anyway, you've got to admit that the Canadian design has weird similarities to the LOST DHARMA logos.

(Thanks to DocArzt's Lost blog for the initial information.)

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