Saturday, January 31, 2009

The week winds down

Friday night was a bit unusual because Lynda wasn't here.

She decided to hang out with the girls and have a night out with dinner and movie. And I say "more power to her." She NEVER does stuff for herself like that and desperately needs to have some fun on her own (minus the kids and me) more often.

So, here's hoping she had fun (writing this stuff for later posting is growing confusing!).


So, I spent the night with  the kids. Hannah was tired and went to bed without much fussing at all. S & G watched some cartoons and relaxed while I straightened the kitchen, tried NOT to think about the laundry mountain downstairs, and fiddled around on the Web. Later, I watched Battlestar Galactica and attempted (again) to finish reading Infinite Jest. (I'm VERY close to finishing, but . . . not . . . quite . . . there . . . yet.)


But, let me get Friday morning's gripe off of my chest.

I was driving into work and got stuck in a crawling line of traffic about a block from my office building. Turns out there was an accident at the intersection ahead of me and lanes were merging and slowly mixing with other lanes heading to the Interstate. 

ANYWAY . . . I finally got to the top of the line and was halted by the traffic light. No worries, I'd cross over when the light changed and head on into the building. The two accident cars were directly to my left, blocking the left lane that turned into the crossing road. No one could go straight and all must merge into my lane to head across or turn left. (Got the image in your head? OK, let's move on.)

Now, understanding what I've just explained, you'll now know why I got peeved when a car nonchalantly rolled up to my left, right beneath the wrecked cars. Clearly this dork was unsatisfied waiting in the line behind us all and thought he and he alone deserved to bypass this mess and move on with his life before the rest of us. Nevermind that NO ONE ELSE was in the same lane as him--since we ALL had eyes, functioning cerebellums, and common decency and could recognize about 400 yards back that the left lane was a non-usable lane.

NOPE, this guy deserved to be in front and he even started rolling up to try and merge in front of me when the light turned green. I gunned my car forward, tires slipping on mounded snow to ensure that this princeling wouldn't get in front of me.

I also noted with satisfaction in my rear-view mirror as I crossed the road that he remained sitting there, behind the wreck and the righteous line-waiters passed him by as well.

Served him right.

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