Friday, January 30, 2009

Is THIS what we think of women?

Look at this commercial for Nabisco 100 Calorie Packs of Oreo Mini Cakesters:

Is this how women should be portrayed? Mindless, shrieking drones who care for nothing more than chocolate--and the important fact that this chocolate is delivered in 100 calorie form, further indicating that women only care about their appearance and diet?
I know that commercials don't exist to portray the truth--far from it, but they do exist to sell and product. And is that how women (presumably?) are to be lured . . . but showing them in a very shallow, unflattering light?
I finally found the OTHER ad that I originally wanted to pair with this one. The product is John Morell's "Off the Bone" carved lunch meat.
In this ad you see an American schmoe who is working on a schmoe-like sandwich. It's sad, wimpy, BORING.
In comes a random Australian dude that the Web site hosting the commercial video calls "Sandwichodile Dundee," who teaches the schmoish, ineffectual girlie-man about the true manly sandwich that he's missing out on. And they proceed to construct a dagwood style sandwich that probably features three-quarters of a pound of thick-cut sandwich meat.
Now . . . I ask you . . . have you EVER, on your own, constructed a sandwich like this? It is a favorite eat of comic character Dagwood Bumstead, but normal people don't eat like this. And, why is the Australian inherently gifted with the knowledge of what constitutes manliness?
It's just a stupid commercial.

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