Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Girl Fight!

Both of my oldest girls are now involved in Girl Scouts--Sarah is in her first year as a Brownie Scout and Grace has just started the younger Daisy Scouts group.

Usually this is not any sort of problem. It provides an avenue for girls to socialize with their friends in a community-oriented and fun way. They get to do crafts and wear vests and earn badges.

It's the sort of fun that's been going on for many generations.

But when the new year begins, the gloves come off and the cookie wars begin.

This is Sarah's first foray into Scout cookie sales. Frankly, I'm worried for her as we are already behind in tactical strategy. Monday morning as I was working at home, I received two email from members of my department informing me (and all of my colleagues) that their daughter is selling cookies and come on by to their desks to purchase your cookies that will arrive in March.

Well, wasn't yet at work to offer my OWN form--which we don't' get until later tonight anyway at the Monday meeting--and Sarah was feeling sick on Monday anyway. How can she compete? How can I compete FOR her?

Really, it's a stressful situation. I don't want to get into a cookie arms race with the other mothers (and some fathers, presumably) who are only trying to let their kids succeed. And I am not comfortable with sending Sarah door-to-door to get cookies, especially since I know that other Scouts live in our neighborhood anyway. AND consider the fact that I got a call Sunday night from our neighbor daughter--who is also a Scout--and she wanted us to buy cookies from HER!! The NERVE, honestly! : )

So, in the span of less than a day, my kids are significantly behind the cookie eight ball. And where will they turn for help? What master plan can I conceive that will get them through this difficult time?


And then there is this. It seems like someone or multiple someones have been sick in the family since last Thursday. Can I say it seems like people have been sick since last year? My brain is kinda fuzzy and I don't want to look at a calendar right now.

I want to sleep on the bed, but Hannah still needs looking after, Lynda is exhausted from not feeling well herself and watching the kids all day while I tried to keep up with work, and Sarah and Grace have both thrown up today . . . more than once.

So, I don't get to rest for a while.

Will this bring low my strong beginning to the New Year's blog resolution? Will I muster up something to make it seven days in a row?

Frankly, I don't know.

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