Saturday, January 03, 2009

Friday's iPod issues . . .

. . . and the introduction to Grace's "shakycam" technique.

(Sorry in advance about that one. But you must persevere to get today's delivery of WWYG?! goodness.)

As part of my 2009 blogging resolution to do it every day . . .

(even on WEEKENDS I wonder to myself?)

. . . I must be allowed to utilize videos now and then to speed up the recording of thoughts and streamline the transmittal of posts.

Now, you don't know how long it takes me to download the video from my computer's hard drive to the You Tube site. But that is my problem, not yours. I guess I can let the computer do the work while I eat dinner or whatever.

So, here is today's entry--focusing on the day's trip to the Apple store and what I learned there. (To say more defeats the purpose of the video itself.)

[BTW: a h/t to The Blogger's Guide for guiding me through the HTML adjustments needed to achieve a wider template. If you want to read how it's done, click on the post taking you through it step-by-step here.]