Wednesday, January 28, 2009


One of the shows that I have enjoyed a lot over the last few years is Ron Moore's readaptation of Battlestar Galactica on the Sci-Fi channel.

I've written about the show before, but I am here to confess that my love for it has waned a bit over the last few seasons.

One reason for this is that Sci-Fi, the writers strike, and television economics have all combined to stretch the time between season installments into very long intervals. I have put up with this same thing with LOST, but the ABC show has maintained my interest throughout and I've been motivated to stay engaged.

I still like BSG quite a lot and I always recognize the complexity of the show (as well as it's absolute superiority over the 1970s version, that I was a fan of at the time also).

Why then, has my ardor for this complex, quality show slipped?

I think it is because the plot, shifting as it has from the merciless pursuit/evasion pattern that was established in Season 1 has eventually changed into struggles over political issues, alliances and betrayals by factions of Cylons, and the perplexing changes in the character of Gaius Baltar.

He was so twisted, complicated, and bizarre for the first half of the series run, but since he morphed into a quasi-religious figure, I've lost my hold on what his point is anymore. He used to be someone racked with guilt for his part played in humanity's destruction, combined with his mysterious/insane relationship/vi sons with the Six model. Now, he's more human, more explainable, and less compelling.

But there are eight more shows to go before it is all wrapped up and over with. Ron Moore and the Sci Fi team have shown that they are quite adept at creating great television out of something that was (shall we say) less than quality. So, I have hopes that all will be done well.

I'll be watching anyway, so I guess they have already won, right?


To wrap this theme up in a bow of crazy, please read this story about how bitter are the grapes eaten by Dirk Benedict (Starbuck of the original BSG).

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