Sunday, January 18, 2009

Island versus Force

Last week while I was watching Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope with Grace, I realized that Josh Holloway's portrayal of "Sawyer" on LOST depends a lot on Harrison Ford's wisecracking Han Solo performance.

Therefore, in honor of the Wednesday's arrival of LOST's season 5 premiere, I present this suggestion on which LOST character equals which Star Wars character.

[PLEASE click on the left and right columns with the character names. I spent about an hour painstakingly linking bio pages on each LOST character and each STAR WARS character. And it will help you prepare for the some of the details on LOST as Wednesday night approaches.]

LOST versus Star Wars

Sawyerwisecracking ladies manHan Solo
Jackheadstrong leader full of conflicts and daddy issuesAnakin Skywalker
Katelady that bounces between two lovesLeia
Benvillainous guy once good, then bad, maybe good again?Darth Vader
Lockenaive follower in search of true selfLuke
Hurleyhairy sidekick loved by fansChewbacca
Sayiddark-skinned; sinister past; torture happens aroundLando
Charlieshort; sometimes annoying; ultimately saves the dayEwok
"Jacob"ghost that likes to give ordersObi Wan Kenobi
Shannonwhiner; golden-colored (hair)C-3PO
Dr. Arztwisecracker; tries to save day; often failsR2-D2
Nikki & Paulouniversal source of fan hatredJar Jar Binks
Marvin Candle/Edgar Halliwax/Pierre Changold guy full of mostly questions, few answersYoda
Clairemother of prophesy-tainted childShmi Skywalker

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