Friday, January 23, 2009

Eye opening video (w/ afternoon update)

I thought about naming this video "Yes, eye can!" but I chose against it.

Also, today is Hannah's birthday.

Happy First Birthday Hannah! (I'll write more on that subject later today.)

12:30 pm UPDATE: I just got back from the eye doctor post operative visit. Lynda took me back downtown and brought me home. The metal shield and the bandages are now removed and I can see out of my newly-constructed right eye.
It's all very good news. If I close my left eye and only rely on the right eye, I can now see quite clearly. Before the surgery, using only my faulty right eye, things were extremely blurry and fuzzy. I had no ability to see distinct shapes with clear, defined edges. Now I can see everything as you normally would expect.
When I did the typical "read the letters on the wall" eye exam, things were also dramatically improved. Before surgery, using the faulty eye,I could only see one letter projected on the screen at something like 50 point font--pretty large. Just an hour ago I could read with almost complete accuracy, a series of letters several clicks down the scale at something closer to 8 or 9 point font--MUCH smaller.
Whether this means I don't NEED glasses to correct my overall vision is not yet determined. I need to let my eye continue to heal and settle into its final state before I go back to my regular eye doctor and determine what my new eye prescription will become. And even if I stabilize at 20/20 vision, I'll still use glasses to provide the prism that helps adjust my double-vision problem. But it could significantly reduce the cost of glasses for the future?
I still will need to wear some sort of clear shield while sleeping and showering for the next week or two and I must be careful about bending at the waist and picking up heavy objects to avoid straining the eye. But it is clear that things are MUCH improved and I am well pleased.


Sven Golly said...

Great work by the narrator/patient, the cinematographer, the electronic bagpiper and his/her band. Sorry, no sausage biscuit.

lulu said...

Oh my gosh! Happy Birthday Hannah! Did your bionic dad infuse you with Super Growing Power?

Burb, as soon as you said, "Ok, don't laugh" at the beginning of your video, I laughed. I'm sorry! It's just that I have a real problem with authority. You're not the boss of me.