Monday, January 26, 2009

About cookies

But not the computer-type cookies, rather about the Girl Scout kind of cookies.

A few weeks ago I blogged about Sarah's foray into the world of Scout cookie sales.

She did just fine, thanks to the appetites and charitable feelings of many coworkers and family members. All Lynda and I did was put the form out and people happily (I hope?) purchased. I didn't even have to resort to placing a beseeching photo of Sarah pleading for assistance.

And so, now, I must report the statistical results and make snarky comments (if such comments come to mind). Because, well . . . what is a blog for?

(And I'm utilizing my new HTML table-making skill--such as it is.)

Cookie Sale breakdown

Lemon Chalet Cremes7 boxes soldWould they sell better in Switzerland?
Trefoils9 boxes soldShortbread appeals to some; Girl Scout logo appeals to rest?
Do-Si-Dos14 boxes soldCheerful name, average sales
Samoas15 boxes soldI'm surprised that more of these weren't sold. My favorites! Big sellers in Pacific Ocean?
Dulce De Leche8 boxes soldAffirmative Action sales?
Sugar Free Chocolate Chip0 boxes soldDiet food FAIL!
Tagalongs13 boxes soldNot worried about salmonella, huh?
Thin Mints38 boxes soldWhy so popular? Sure, they're good, but . . .

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