Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Routine

Lynda said about 2:30 on Saturday that she felt like things were finally getting settled again and she felt comfortable in The Routine.

Of course, it took several days of us sitting around aimlessly, not getting out of our pajamas until almost 11 am and wandering around the house in a stupor before we allowed The Routine to capture us again.

I assume it is somewhat true for everyone, buy maybe it isn't. Do you have trouble sliding out of the Holidays and back into the Regular Workaday Routine? I  think Lynda and I have to get a bit depressed by the loss of Holiday ease before we struggle back into the Regular Stuff. 

But, with the resumption of laundry chores and The Trip to the Grocery Store, we declare ourselves committed to the 9 to 5 and say goodbye to the time with family, the strange combination of not doing anything, but having lots to do, and the occasional  card/board game that breaks out during the holiday visit. These things don't usually happen when we're by ourselves.

Anyway, I've still got some holiday-related stuff to catch up on as January continues. I have removed most of the holiday decorations over the long weekend, but I've let the decorated tree stand. Maybe I'll take it down on Sunday, or I'll just let it sit for longer. Who knows. 

I did take down the outside lights on Saturday, but they had mysteriously stopped working a few days ago anyway. The culprit could be the seemingly annual outdoor light Failure or maybe something went wonky in the electric socket that the extension cord is plugged into. That is quite likely the issue, but who knows. I suspect I won't know for sure until I either plug something else into the socket--which might not happen until spring since I don't usually use that plug during the winter months. Or it might be delayed until next November when we attempt to decorate again. So, stay tuned for THAT drama!

Other than undecorating, I haven't yet written a summary of the holiday events. And there are things to report.

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Mama R. said...

Ev and I are with you 100%! Instead of feeling refreshed and invigorated, we find ourselves feeling lackadaisical and indeed, a bit down as the going-back-to-work day looms closer. Here's to us all getting back into the routine smoothly!