Friday, January 02, 2009

Sarah's blogs and this year's challenge

My blog-based challenge for this year is to actually attempt and post something every single day.

No successful or meaningful blogger posts in such a random and unpredictable fashion as I have chosen to do over the past five years.

I don't pretend that each entry will be Ulysses or something, but it'll be some sort of daily snapshot of what is going on. (At least that is the plan.)

And today's entry is based on Sarah's blogs--yep, she has TWO of them. (She's definitely a chip off of the ole block, huh?)

She also posts randomly and her posts are short. But they provide interesting insights into her thoughts and the way she goes about things.

I sincerely hope that she keeps up with them and doesn't get into the habit of deleting old posts--something that I REALLY don't want her to do, but something that she insists on doing anyway. But, I tell myself that she's in control.

So, check out her two blogs.

If there is some kind of distinction between the two of them, I don't really know what they are and I haven't asked for clarification. Perhaps that will be part of the reader's learning process.

I have placed them on my list of blogs on the right side of the WWYG?! page. If they shift up to the top of the list, then you know that a new post has been written by her. So, keep coming back to check up on her progress. (And since I'll be writing every day, you'll be able to see if something new is there.)


And I'll see you tomorrow!

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Sven Golly said...

every single day! Now there's a worthwhile challenge.