Thursday, January 22, 2009

I can see clearly now?

I've had plenty of surgeries before today.

I've had orthopedic surgery on both of my legs when I was twelve (or thirteen?) and another orthopedic surgery on my left foot a few years later.

I've had surgery on my right eye.

I've had abdominal surgery.

And today I've got cataract surgery on that troublesome left eye again.

I'm not worried about it. 

I got up this morning to eat breakfast (toast and black coffee) before the 6:30 am cutoff for food. And I realized that the laundry has piled up this week, so I sorted and began another load in the washing machine. But there are two folded stacks that need to get put away later, if I am feeling up to it.

Lynda will be home with me today to bring me back, keep an eye on me, and probably do work this afternoon.

I've still got LOST reactions to post, but that'll have to come later.

See you soon!

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