Friday, May 22, 2009

Trying to catch up

You all deserve better blog treatment from me the last few days than you've gotten. I've been pretty busy at work the last few days, busy enough that I've been doing some work at home as well--at least on most nights. (Though it doesn't compare to Brian's workload recently.)

So, I haven't blogged very much. But I have been stockpiling some interesting stuff to comment upon.

1. Here is a very odd architectural design that I ran across while reading about technology and gadgets. I haven't yet read everything about it but is it really a pig farm skyscraper? And if it is, then why does it look like a butterfly? I'll leave it to Lisa to tell us if this is a reasonable idea for animal husbandry--either now or in our robot-dominated future.

2. I'm glad to say that there has been a resurgence of Harry Potter around the house these days. Sarah has been rereading the books ( completely on her own this time) and that has led to more discussion of stuff and more movie watching as well. (The kids are watching Goblet of Fire right now.)

3. Speaking of Harry Potter, people sometimes ask me what is going on in the fan community now that the books are finished. You need look no further than LeakyCon--happening right now in Boston!--to know that the fans have lots going on. There are still three movies to enjoy and lots of charitable ideas to rally the fandom around. So, the answer to the question is that the fandom is quite busy and going nowhere.

(And the answer is "Yes." In an alternate universe where I am single and don't answer to anyone but myself, I'd absolutely be attending this event right now. Of course, in an alternate universe where those conditions were met, I might be a female, or possible an albino, or maybe 85 years old. Or possible Spock. Who knows?)

4. In this universe, I love LOST. This you already know. But I don't love LOST even HALF as much as this guy apparently does. It is clear that I've got to step up my game to compete on a more equal playing field in the sixth and final season. Sadly, I've got plenty of time to prepare, since the final episodes won't arrive until 2010. (I might be dead by then!)

5. This one is for Dr. Actually. He's a big fan of the Space Elevator concept.

6. I'll admit that I'm concerned about this bit of news from the Obama Administration. Reports before today asked a good question. "If credit card companies aren't allowed to punish those who can't handle credit responsibly, then how are they going to make money?" The suggestions are the return of the annual fee and (most bothersome to people like me, who pay off their bills every month) charging interest from the moment of purchase. If that happens, this will make credit purchases more expensive and the use of credit cards less attractive. Now, I know my parents will say "Well, that's how WE had to use credit cards." To which I have no adequate response. I grew up in a time of profligate credit usage, but I always paid off balances. Therefore the use of credit was all gain--giving me flexibility to buy without having complete cash on hand at time of purchase--and little loss--no annual fees, etc. If that goes away, do I think about not using credit cards? It will take more research and thought--things I try to avoid.

And, I think that is it for tonight.

As always, keep checking back here for more scintillating stuff about my life. I'll talk to you again soon.

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