Thursday, May 28, 2009

Question of the Night

I was hanging up a white dress shirt in the closet tonight when it struck me:

Whatever did happen to that scourge of laundry?

Did we start using NASA-influenced, space age fabrics that repelled the (sweat?) stain from around the ring?

Did all laundry detergent companies begin mixing anti-ring component chemicals into their base layer products?

Was it defeated in another component of the Reagan Revolution, but we were too busy watching the Soviet Union fall and forgot to notice?

Did "ring around the collar" (like so many social mores) just become an acceptable part of modern life, embraced by slobs and a younger, more callow generation?

Did Tom Cruise choose to wipe it out by his lonesome, back when he was Good Tom and before the Scientology turned him into murderous Evil Tom? (And speaking of Evil Tom, shouldn't Ed Asner's people be on high alert for the inevitable attempt of Mr. Asner's life following Suri's frightened reaction to the surly cantankerous character Asner voices in Pixar's new movie, Up?)


In other media/video/delayed reaction news, I haven't yet posted the LOST Untangled video finale because I forgot to . . . and because they haven't finished it yet either.

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Anonymous said...


Perhaps we can use the slow decline of ring around the collar as a problem to measure the loss of blue-collar jobs from America? The less sweat that is spilled...

Meh. Maybe not.