Saturday, May 02, 2009

Mirrors into my soul

I spent a lot of time with Hannah today--at the grocery store and getting her down for a nap (sometimes a more involved process than you might think).

All of this was aimed at allowing Lynda to work a lot in the yard pulling the dandelion weeds and filling in patchy grass areas with seed. (Remember that I had such a good experience at the Sears Hardware a few days ago? I was buying stuff for the yard.) OH! And Lynda also planted the pansies and marigolds that I got last weekend.

Some bad news to admit from yesterday. When I came home from work (in the station wagon) I misjudged how close the passenger side was to the edge of the garage. (rain, bad depth perception, idiocy) Consequently, I scraped against the entrance and actually tore the passenger mirror off. (Yeah, I know . . . STUPID!)

So, for now I've taped the mirror in place until I can get an appointment set up for reattachment. But it's not all bad. According to the news, the nationwide Mega-Millions jackpot winner came from Ohio. I chipped in $2.00 earlier this week to an office pool set up by a colleague. If one of our tickets hit big, I'll get the repair done right away. (Not that I can't afford it now, you understand.)

Anyway, I should put this post to bed and read a book. Talk to you again soon.

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Papa said...

Make a mark on the wall ahead of you as the alignment guide. We have a rope that hangs down from the ceiling and when we hit it with the roof rack, we're in far enough. Just a suggestion.

David said...

That wouldn't work, as I made my mistake on the side of the car--hitting the side mirror with the side of the garage opening.

But that's for the suggestion. (Let's just hope I don't have occasion at some future point to have to use it.)