Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Buffy - Joss = WHY???

I'm a big fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but ONLY of the TV show helmed by Joss Whedon. I have seen the craptacular movie version that inspired Whedon to do a much, MUCH better TV show . . . but I found nothing to like about the movie. (It came out when Luke Perry was still riding the "popularity" of Dylan from Beverly Hills 90210, a TV show that I hated with a passion that I normally only reserved for New Kids on the Block and . . . later in life and pop culture chronology . . . Whoopi and Cavemen.

So, um, anyway, BtVS the TV show, was one of my first TV obsessions. I loved the first five seasons of the show with unreserved love. I lived through the later seasons due to dedication and a sense of completedness. But I've never had any desire to revisit the movie and see if there is anything worth redeeming in it.

Now there is even LESS reason to think of Buffy in cinematic terms. Because, according to reports, there is (yet another) movie reboot in the works, but this version of Buffy won't have the involvement of Joss Whedon.

And at least one Buffy fan with a popular forum isn't happy about it.

I just don't see the reasoning behind it. How large of an audience that liked the original movie (surely not enough to justify expense?) would be interested in watching a remake unlike the original. And how many (if any?) of the Whedonites would bother to spend their money on this?

Something is clearly wrong here, right?

If Buffy isn't your thing, perhaps I can interest you in this bit of movie-making news? Yeah, I didn't think that would interest you either. (It sure doesn't interest me.)

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