Monday, May 04, 2009

Glasses--at last!

The glasses arrived today. However, the story behind their arrival--as well as what we learned from the doctor today . . . demands a full-sized keyboard.

So I'll leave you with this photo and promise of more to come.

Hey, don't make fun of me. They may be thick, but I'll outlast you all!!

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UPDATE (8:06 pm): 

So, the glasses.

You all know that Hannah had her surgery several months ago--in early February if my memory serves. After about a month of recovery (approximately middle March) we finally met with Hannah's new eye doctor to get her completely on the road to ocular perfection with her new glasses. We got the bifocal strength finalized and I talked to the glasses purveyor in the eye doctor's office to select frames and get her glasses construction underway.

The glasses doctor told me that it took a while to get little kids frames finalized (especially when bifocals are involved) as they wanted to make sure that the lenses were correct and that the line of the bifocal was located in the right place. I accepted this as just fine and I was told that the glasses should come back from the factory (or where the hell ever) in about two weeks. 

Two weeks came and went.

I let it go as, well . . . things happen. But when several more days went by, I started calling. I was informed that (unbeknownst to me . . . and apparently to the glasses doctor as well) the frames that I selected were on back order, which slowed down their delivery. I wasn't happy, but what could I do about it. I just wanted to get the glasses to us, so that Hannah could start training her brain by actually seeing the world around her clearly.

I called in again after a few more days. Still nothing. Soon, I was calling every day and still the message was the same. Nothing in yet and no knowledge as to why the further delay. And as every day went on, I began to worry more that Hannah's eye's were not getting any better.

At the end of last week, we were beginning to get hints that maybe the frame's order got lost or something, as the delay was beginning to make them wonder also. THAT would have been an extremely unfortunate turn of events . . . but it turned out to be unnecessary. We heard at the end of last week that the frames were expected in early this week, possibly as early as Monday (today).

And so, Lynda called around lunchtime today and found out that, yes indeed, the frames had arrived. 

But . . . there was a new problem.

Turns out there was a mistake in the bifocal lens.

. . .

. . .






We picked up the glasses anyway; even though we were told that we'd have to come back later when the corrected bifocal lens is redelivered. We NEED to begin training her to get used to having this foreign things on her face, sitting on her nose, hooking around her ears.

(She's not going along well with the plan in the few hours we've had introducing them to her today.)

At best, she keeps them on for about five or ten minutes before she pulls them off. But it is only day one (more like day one-eight). I'm hoping she'll eventually stop "feeling" them and will instead begin to realize that these odd objects are providing her with a clarity of vision that she has previously lacked.

(Probably a pipe dream  . . .)

But, at least we are underway.

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